What’s Your Win For The Month? March 2021

I’m loving seeing everyone’s wins each month :star_struck: It seems like so much time has passed since last months wins were shared :open_mouth:

What are your wins for March? No matter how big or small they might seem, share them here so we can celebrate with you :tada:

My wins for this month:

  • Professional: Started regularly pairing with Richard to get some more changes achieved here on The Club. Not many of them released yet as we’re working on a branch but it’s really exciting to see the progress.
  • Professional: Actioned a tonne of admin and tidied up a lot of loose ends ahead of me going on maternity leave to make sure I’m leaving things as easy to follow as I possibly can.
  • Personal: Got my vegetable patch planted :potato: :leafy_green: :onion: :tomato: :carrot:

Nice! What kind of things have you got growing?


What a month it was! There is one big win that I cannot share yet, but it is one I’m really chuffed about :zipper_mouth_face:

Part from that, it feels I’m building a better rapport with my manager. Had some good talks with him this month. Hopefully that will lead to some exciting things to come for me within the organisation.

On a personal level, my partner did a 100 km walking challenge for Dementia UK, together with the dog :dog2: :walking_woman:. In the end she managed well over a hundred miles, and raised more than £350 in the process. I joined them as much as I could. We’re now proper geared up for longer hikes together.

  • Collaborated with people across the business to produce some documentation for our customers
  • Completed emotional intelligence and cognitive bias training.
  • Created a rough personal development plan, but overall know what I want to be doing.
  • Organising and managing testing stories. I am beyond excited to share the published book soon.
  • Kept up with running/jogging/walking. On target to meet 874 miles by the end of the year.
  • Had the first covid vaccine.

Very productive month :hugs::hugs:



  • I started trying out a whole bunch of API testing tools for the new project I’m on (it’s pretty much API only without any UI) and I’m working with the developers figuring out the most appropriate automation solution for testing our APIs.
  • Attended a weekly DDD Lunch session with my fellow co-workers where we discussed Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software, by Eric Evan - we go over one chapter per week.
  • Helped the BAs by giving them a few tips on Postman for their Acceptance testing


  • I registered for the free Jira (up to 10 users) so I can experiment with few of my mates and do some side projects
  • Spent some time replaying Disciples 2 (an older turn-based strategy RPG hybrid)


  • Finally after using the same chair for 18 years I bought myself a new one
  • Made some changes to my work-from-home office, really enjoying the fruits of it
  • Started again with learning High Valyrian


  • fixing test data creation issues (I love it)

I published a blog post how I reduced the size of a blog post with 6 Mb by shrinking the pictures.


Beetroot, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots and chillis :grin:

Keeping us in suspense! Looking forward to hearing when you can share :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to read this Melissa! :eyes:

Love to see this collaboration happening on teams :star_struck:

Ooooh nice! What did you buy?

Yes! Congratulations :clap:


The “famous” ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET chair – waited like 5 months before it got restocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Really love it! :slight_smile:

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I was looking at that one myself but didn’t have the patience to wait for a restock :sweat_smile:

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Professional: I’ve just built a working automation framework at my new job while taking a brand new approach, it has been a big learning curve but it’s worked out!

Personal: Massive redesign of the living room which has given us more space, more light and a more practical layout! Has taken several days but it’s changed out lives :joy:


Bit of a delay as I’ve been on holiday but wins are;

  • Professional: Finished the Software Testing Bootcamp! The last sessions with the two cohorts was a bit emotional and we’ve had some amazing feedback but the real reward has been watching people grow in confidence. I’ve also written a mentoring piece for the BCS The Tester magazine which should be out later this month and today I’ll be publishing the first Accessibility Tuesday ‘A11y with Ady’ monthly newsletter on my blog.
  • Personally: We may have a forever dog and having a week off, even if some of it was doing freelance work has been really great to not rush to get up, bing a bit of telly and have a drive round the Dales.

I’m trying to remember what happened in March…it was a good month!

  • I got to be on a panel discussion at TestFestUK, on the relevance of the Automation Pyramid, and this has led to an upcoming blog collab on strategies, which I am excited about
  • I gave some internal training that was well received (I think)
  • I have an early trial of MetroRetro V2, which I am enjoying playing with and see a lot of potential for further use internally and with the Testing Peers
  • I attended my first Salesforce centric conference, and survived
  • I had my first MoT virtual coffee for aaaages, which was really nice
  • My wife had a false positive test for Covid, so we only had to isolate for 2 days and no one has the virus right now, phew!

Tempted to start a thread titled “show us your chair” :slight_smile:


I’m interested to know more about your automation framework. What are you using?

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ThreadStatic instances of Selenium webdriver with Nunit, Fluent Assertions, ExtentReport and Log4net.
The ThreadStatic driver is a completely new thing to me but it works brilliantly for keeping tests isolated.


Thanks for the info.