What’s Your Win For The Week? 13th March 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them with you :tada:
My wins for this week:

  • Had a successful paired coding session with Richard (I even wrote about it!)
  • Got the 30 Days of Testing challenge live that we’ve been working on for while :tada:
  • Professional: paired with a developer and got to the bottom of a bug that has been in our system for a long time. Finally fixed
  • Personal: sourced old pallets, ripped them up, and now got plenty of wood for upcoming garden projects. Have been sketching on some things I want to build

What a week!

  • Professional: not one, not two, but three software testing bootcamps this week. Supported @scottkenyon in one and co-hosted with him for ‘ilities’ all about Testability, Observability and Monitorability. The final one was ‘Specialisms’ with the wonderful @sumanbala, so rewarding but utterly exhausting. I’m so ready for the weekend. I’ve also been reviewing testing stories for @melissafisher’s excellent book which I can’t wait to see all done.

  • Personal: The next phase of my rebranding as A11y_Ady (I wish I could update it here too) was to buy some embroidered polo shirts with my handle and name on for online and, hopefully soon, real life meetings. Pictures on Twitter: https://twitter.com/A11y_Ady/status/1369986221276082177


My course went live!
And I did a talk for the first time in over a year again.

Also did a succesful refactor in my app, based on a feature-request from my own sister haha. Feels great to help people that matter to me.

  • Having courage to get 360 feedback from my colleagues. It’s awesome how constructive everyone is. I should have done it sooner.
  • Realised that I need to slow down and take a step back (the feedback in my previous point has helped with realising this). Plan to completely switch off and chill out this weekend. Feeling exhausted.
  • Booked my covid jab for Tuesday :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

This week:

  • Embraced having more headspace now my son is back at school :school:
  • Finally set up a 2nd screen, should have done it sooner! Can see all the things together for MoneyBossin’ and other bookkeeping stuff :computer:
  • Said yes to something I would have previously been too scared to do :muscle:t3:

It was so much fun co-hosting with you @adystokes. You’re the best :blush:


I love these threads. Such a wonderful way to end each week.

I delivered some internal training, which I think went ok.

I sat on a panel at TestFest and believe that I didn’t end up embarrassing myself.

I continue to be asked my opinion on things at work, which I’m not used to, but enjoying.

Personally, we put our house back on the market and its already had some viewings. Hopefully that move to Wales can happen this year.

I played a little career cupid with some friends, hoping that they maybe can work together in the future.

And, the boys made it through their first week back at in person school. There were some tears, but we all survived!


Maybe a trivial but a fun win this week was that I was the winner in the ‘bottom half’ company competition.
The task was to take a picture of your lower half and later match the lower half pictures with co-workers names. As we see each other just from the upper half for almost one year now, it was fun to guess which feet, socks and legs belongs to which office mate.
I got 19 out of 22 correct and got the highest score in the correct matching rate. And I have the inofficial first prize for the most colorful socks.

Besides that I managed today to intervene in a quite heated discussion. Something that is usually not my strenght.


These threads are always awesome to read


  • found some really great candidates for the two roles in hiring for, looking forward to the interview process starting next week
  • had it confirmed that I’ll be getting a promotion to a more senior role (assuming Senior Test Manager or Head of Digital Test), but will have the exact details confirmed next week
  • recorded our 1st Anniversary AMA episode with the Testing Peers, due to go out in May
  • was part of a really enjoyable panel on Leading in a Hybrid World on Thursday


  • Kids survived first week of school
  • got addicted to a great series on Netflix (The Unforgotten) and have binged watched 3 series with my wife in evenings this week which is nice to do and not be prepping for home schooling

Love reading these back on a Monday :heart: Makes me feel much more able to tackle the week ahead :muscle:



  • Started working on a TDD course again, that I have attempted twice before. I’ve made more progress already than any time before.
  • I’m about to finish a Rails 6 course. There’s some nice new stuff there, since last time I looked (years ago).


  • Could go to the gym again (after they were allowed to reopen). — I dearly hope that they can stay open for a while.

Work: I impressed the client with my approach to testing, what worked in my favour was the fact that the previous candidates were complete noobs, which gave my presentational style an additional boost. :grinning:

Personal: Although I was on sick leave I had a lot more time to spend with my baby son and even found some time for gamming - I missed it a lot! I re-played an older turn-based strategy game called Disciples 2 (the game also has some RPG elements) and I enjoyed every second of it!


My win for this week:

  1. My PR got approved in one day only.:partying_face: generally it takes 3-4 days from a reviewer and most important it exactly happened one day before the sprint ended so it can be merged to master. Yay!

  2. My FIRST EVER BLOG got published on QA tech talk platform.

  3. I thought to publish “Appium&its Architecture” article on my Linked Profile next week but I published it yesterday itself. So I consider this as a winning moment for me.

Thank you!