What's Your Win For The Week? 13th February 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so the community can celebrate them with you :muscle:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional: got some more work with Mark done on the 30 Days of Testing challenges and hoping to get them released soon :grin:
  • Personal: managed to wash and dry my hair without help. This was pretty big for me as it’s been a week of low energy levels.

Got congratulations on last weeks minor product release, it was nothing really, still feel the rush of this, because the next one will not be long now. Last weeks testing work was almost done, but took a hit because my team made progress which broke my automation…but feel good because while product was broken, I was able to explore all broken states better.

I learned another art thing, how to use digital paint app (see the M.O.T. Colouring challenge) And I managed to complete my other computer-games related challenge in Unity. Unity is still a pile of pooh, but it works if you restart it often.

  • Great bootcamp session on thinking like a tester with @scottkenyon
  • Discussion on what our new tester will be doing when they join next week, exciting stuff
  • More ‘nesting’ the home office with a desk tidy for phones etc. Arm for Blue snowball mic and clips for wires to make it neater. Put some more cricket memorabilia and my trophies on the wall and shelves
  • Finally replaced my dodgy old printer with a two sided print one
  • Had an odd layout in a PR, just slightly out of alignment and managed to track it down to an extra curly bracket in the code which meant I was able to explain the problem and direct the dev to the specific line of code to look at #typo

Delivered a presentation on the test automation restructuring I worked on.
It was for a large audience, and it generated a lot of interest from various parts of the organisation.
Feeling very pleased with that outcome.


Professional: created a smoke test suite for my Android espresso tests ( nice to have a quick way to go through the application and see if anything obvious is broken)

Personal: Made it to week 3 of my Coursera course on Child Nutrition. I’m proud of this because I have a nasty habit of signing up for Coursera courses then not even watching the first lectures.


Assisted with onboarding two new SDET’s
Worked with the SDET lead on creating Bug Retro documentation

Completed an intro to Postman course on Udemy
Automated my first Postman test
Scheduled my AZ-900 exam for next week
Successfully deployed a custom policy to Azure
Stayed sane and healthy


Hosting MoT Bangalore meeting today, where @gasparnagy talked about Discovery and Example mapping in BDD!


It was a crazy new week for me. I started a new job with a comment that were legitimately excited to have be on board and created a role just for me.

We are now sponsoring a little group called Ministry of Testing, and will be all over UI Automation Week, this month!

What a turnaround!

Personally, the biggest win was surviving all of the new with work, the continued grind with schooling the boys from home (although my wife has taken the lead with that and is my hero) and the passing of my Grandma.



  • Survived a customer meeting, where I did a presentation about our current test set up. Not worried about the presentation but the customer.
  • Convinced a guy from the product team that our tests (end to end tests) are reality based and our coverage is way higher than he expected. His way of giving a good word sounded more like an insult and it took couple of years to get him watching at the tests. But well, finally made it!


  • Went for two sled rides this week. Had a ton of fun.
  • Finished the current crochet project. Triangle scarf as a birthday present for my partners grandma