What’s Your Win For The Week? 20th February 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them with you :cake:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional: got really organised with Áine and had our best planning week so far this year. It’s freed me up to focus on other things because I know what we’d planned was completely in hand.
  • Personal: I started a trial this week of a 4 day week as I was struggling with energy levels. It was really difficult to admit that I needed to do this but I can definitely say that taking the leap has been a win this week.

My wins:

  • Professional: Picked up a new piece of work. Had lots of fun with it generating test ideas around it. Fed some of them back to the developers, and they were like: “Oh, never thought of that”. Proved again how we can add value!
  • Personal: Had an invite from the ONS (Office of National Statistics), to participate in a Covid survey. Had my first test this week and came out negative
  • Professional: Carried on with the software testing bootcamp delivery and we had great sessions on exploratory testing, fundamentals and a showcase of what the participants have learned. I also spoke at MoT Manchester meetup which was really fun and had some nice feedback.
  • Personal: Our foster dog Jasper went home which was sad but a win for their human. I finally after a long procrastination period decided to do something about my ‘brand’ and have a survey about what I’m best known for and the outcome will determine how I change my Twitter handle. Link below if you know me and would be so kind to vote and / or RT :pray:

BIG WINS this week!

Back in September I had an idea for an iOS app I want to make. One problem: I couldn’t code.

I’ve spent the last four months learning how to code Swift. And now I have finally started on the app I wanted to make! The investment of studying every day is now starting to pay off.
I’m nowhere near a good developer, but this already feels like one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. So this win is both professional and personal. I drank some champagne.


This has been a good week for me, loads going on and still finding my feet in my new role.


  • I got to speak to four different MoT bosses in a week, I mean what a win
  • Making plans for the UI Automation Week next week, really looking forward to that
  • This weird thing happened where I was asked for my opinion on a bunch of stuff, I gave feedback and it was appreciated.
  • Another Testing Peers pod dropped, Conflict


  • The new schedule with the new job has allowed me to spend more time with my boys in the morning - which is a better version of them than their tired evening selves.
  • I started a new and fun podcast project with a friend from uni, listing our podium for literally anything and having a good catchups. Podcasts appear to be my new socialising.
  • I’ve had a good week with #100DaysOfMove, I feel more energised and am actually snacking less than before. Not sure I’m losing weight, but I’m definitely not adding it anymore.

Learned a lot in a full day Kanban training on Monday & feel more prepared to give a Kanban intro session for my team. :+1:t2::grinning:

Getting back to doing sports regularly (25min functional strength training + 30 min cardiotraining yesterday). :muscle:t2::running_man:t3:‍♂


Love to see this!

Done and done :grin:

Congratulations @maaike.brinkhof :tada: I’ve really enjoyed following your journey so far.

Sign of a team to hold onto there :wink:

Yes! Looking forward to hearing hoe the intro session to the team goes :muscle:


On a team of two manual testers with minimal oversight. We finally allowed ourselves to write test cases (the business likes them to be there) in a way that encourages exploring instead of step-by-step. I am very excited to run them now that I don’t have to pass/fail each and every step!

I exercised every day except yesterday this week. It really helps me to have mental clarify and I had been slacking on that form of self care. It really felt good to get back at it.


Yes! Congratulations :tada:

My wins for the week!

Professional - working on an Azure Fundamentals course, and this week, Azure Software Engineering course, in preparation for joining Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer.
Personal - progressing with physical and mental fitness. I have less back pain, mostly due to strength exercises with my trainer Dom, and Yoga with @mcgovernaine. Today I am going for a run at lunchtime


Excellent win I must say!

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