What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 19th July 2021

What’s your win this week? Either personal or professional or both - let’s celebrate them together! :grinning:

My wins are:

  • Getting a nice (and unexpected) bonu$ at work.
  • Had great chat with @simon_tomes - we got to know each other a bit better and talk about testing related teaching topics, workshops and such.
  • Got recommended by a friend to a start-up looking for a tester, it would be part time consulting gig, but I would get to play around with technologies I haven’t used much before (JavaScript ecosystem) and it’s a fairly new project so I’d would be a good opportunity to get better at test-process stuff, advocate early testing, automating early and sensibly.
  • Met me CEO’s former mentor a 75 year old retired programmer and IT manager, who’s bored with his retirement so he’s doing some consulting. I love talking to elderly people from our profession, they got some many interesting stories to tell!
  • Started exercising on an elliptic machine regularity, I created a calendar reminder for myself and found out that it works well for me, as I’m one of those people who leave no email unread and have to check every single notification - albeit it can be a bit distracting at time!
  • And best of all, I’ve been spending most of my free time with my baby son, playing around and going for long walks - while he’s sitting in his little stroller and looking around I’m listening to testing podcasts.

Nice Congratz!!

My wins are:

  • I went outside the house and I will do it again later today! :smiley:
  • Became a struggle expert since I found a bug I can’t reproduce yet but I have it recorded and no patch has been released yet :rofl:
  • I earned myself some swag on bug bounty platforms which I’m looking forward too receive
  • Became the solo-tester on our project since everyone in on holiday & still managing all the work \o/

Wins that stand out for me this week:

  • As mentioned by @mirza (thanks for your kind words) – we had an excellent chat exploring ideas together. And just great to chat on a call.
  • Slowly but surely I’m getting better at co-creating the MoT Weekly Newsletter
  • Explored lots of very exciting community-focused ideas with @bencf1
  • Had a lovely Racket chat with the excellent @nufenix
  • Got back into sharing ideas and thoughts on exploratory testing. I shared One way to introduce exploratory testing to your team | Racket
  • Had fun discussing ideas for the Would Heu-risk Card Game with @emna_ayadi
  • Collaborated with MoT Founder Rosie Sherry on how we might better map community activities with MoT activities – to help community members and the MoT business achieve what they want to achieve. Exploring an idea we coined called: “If This Then That So They”. Early days but could be onto something for the world of community :thinking:
  • My wife’s moving jobs so has been at home and we’ve got to hang out. It’s been cool to have company during my breaks!
  • FaceTiming my 3-year old son whilst he rides around a slow river ride at a theme park. I couldn’t be there in person as I was working – but I still got to see his smiling face of wonder as he rode around pointing everything out to me!

:raised_hands: and :trophy: to all of us!


I passed my 3 month probation at my new job :smiley:

Looks like we might finally have found a builder for our loft extension we’ve been planning for what-feels-like forever.

  • 8 games added until now related to testing/agile in my blog 🎳 Gamify your Testing and Agile Activities – Emna Ayadi and thank you @simon_tomes for being part of "Would heu-risk it ?"
  • I did my first ever podcast (not talking about racket this time) but about TestSphere Roulette with @sjprior & @david.maynard "Episode 3"
    Before starting, I felt so scared, If I will find random topics live and give examples or if I get blocked without finding words to talk. Fortunately It went well and we had amazing discussions !!!
  • Our 21stskills4testers is part of tea time with testers magazine teatimewithtesters.com
  • Felt so tired recently and my focus is not that efficient, started mindfulness in practice, I can recommend 21 DAY ABUNDANCE MEDITATION still in day 4 and it’s cool to try !

Edit: +1 more win just now

  • Finally received my ebay package part of the testing challenge related to testbashhome !

Last act before I’m on holiday :sunglasses: ; sharing my wins:

  • More interviewing done. Made an offer to a candidate :crossed_fingers:
  • Held the team afloat without any handover, while other team members were on holiday
  • Wrote a lengthy handover for the team members that are coming back next week

And a fail:

  • finished 95% of a little test script helper, but didn’t manage to get the last 5% done.

I’ve had small wins this week. Wins are wins, big and small.

Professional Win - I managed to have a mostly productive week, closing out some tasks that were hanging over my head from pre-TestBash Home. It felt good to close those mental loops. While also making plans for our month “off” in August.

Personal Win - doing some gardening tasks I’ve not been able to do. I’m a bit mentally fatigued at the minute, so couldn’t even do my gardening. But this week, I did my repotting, some weeding and some dead-heading.

So those are my wins this week. Tiny but mighty :blush: