What’s Your Win for the Week? 12th June 2021

Come and celebrate with me and share your wins for this week :grinning:

This week my wins are:

  • Less screen time in the evenings and more eating ice creams in the garden
  • Spent more quality time with my boy
  • Thoroughly enjoying the build up to TestBash Home

Nothing too huge this week, just a generally enjoyable week :star_struck:



  • Started thinking/exploring about a new career path for testers
  • Had some awesome bug hunts this week
  • Started to learn about making video content


  • Looking to buy a house :eyes: bid wars incoming :smiley:
  • Bought sun cream, thy shall burn no more :sunglasses: :sunny:

Sounds like a great week.
Good luck with the house hunting :house_with_garden:

  • I won a ticket for TestBash - this really made my week!
  • Also, organized regular meeting with a few BAs on the project for domain knowledge KTs
  • Finished a few blogs posts which were collecting dust as drafts for quite a while

My biggest wins for this week:

  • got into performance testing and the Gatling tool in particular
  • implement a bunch of scenarios for load testing of gRPC based services. (Planning to write blog posts about it in future)
  • making a gradual investigation of performance capabilities of our application under test

Looking forward to Gatling blogs! I haven’t used it myself yet for performance testing but I heard great things about it! :slight_smile:



  1. After being out for it a few years, started to look at front end web automation again. So much changed with new tools and all. Put out some questions, and got great answers form people far more experienced (got to love the community).
  2. Following on from the first win, learned up on Cypress. Nice to tinker with new tools
  3. The (under wraps) diy project is nearing completion. Hope to share the end result with you soon


  1. I was a bit too rigorous with cleaning up the hard disk of one of the systems under test. Lots of test evidence lost, and spend half a day re-building the whole machine.

These remain the best threads each week, love reading through them all.

  • I recognised some scope creep in a project, discussed with my manager and that accountability really helped
  • Made some plans for TestBash Home, as sponsors…but also the whole 24 hour marathon with @undevelopedbruce, which has now already had pledged £700 for the Covax scheme (you can sponsor us here)
  • Recorded a promo video for a panel discussion I’m doing with @veerle, @hannadernbrant, @sheymouse & @simplysanne at the end of the month. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun
  • I led a client discussion for my new project, and I didn’t lose my job
  • Finally, we are going retro and visiting Butlins this weekend and actually getting away!!

My big win was working with a developer on refining a story, and its tests, before he made it available for testing. This meant we were avoiding creating bugs rather than finding them and fixing them!


My wins this week in summary:

  • Attended an MoT meetup on “Consumer driven contract testing
  • Decided I wanted to learn more about Risk Storming and Threat Modeling
  • Attented a Risk Storming Workshop, I’ve got “Riskstorming the Deathstar” queued up
  • Dug up some videos on Threat Modeling, still got plenty to learn
  • Made a Racket reminding myself, and others, that I don’t need to learn ALL THE THINGS NOW, I should remind myself othis advice as I continue to want to learn about every new shiny…
  • I won 3 books via my participation with a random comment on Instagram which really makes my week, specially the red book: great leaders have no rules.
  • Finalizing the review of the french translation of the Agile Testing Condensed Book with Benjamin Butel.
  • Started saying No to many things because I realized that I really need time for me :thinking:
  • I didn’t find time to make new rackets. I was on top 3 last week but this week no energy at all for new rackets but enjoyed listening to testing folks rackets
  • Eating outfoor with family

Achieved staying firm and saving team from stretching hours for late build delivered product testing and managed to say ‘No’ to management with facts for such random requests for testing.


Survived first week at a new job! :relaxed:


Jab 2 done and dusted. No side effects!



Super busy penultimate week trying to wrap up things before I leave LR and the civil service. Lots of chats with people, admin and the like.

Started on an open letter to the LR test community. Surprisingly emotional task

My accessibility article was published so that’s exciting!


Managed a Friday evening paddle, and booked in for a Sunday morning session. :heart_eyes:


Hey, @kristof. Here is the first (prerequisite) post about API tests for gRPC services - Automation in Scala: API tests for gRPC service. Next will be Gatling).

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