What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 22nd Novemer 2021

What’s your win this week? Either personal or professional or both - let’s celebrate them together!

My wins are:

  • Found some nice loops in the system
  • Started working on an automated smoke test
  • Getting our pipeline systems ready & looking into Docker
  • Had some funny interviews I had to take :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal wins

  • Finally getting internet and no more WiFree!
  • Preparing to make some rackets again! <3

Let me know what you guys your wins … or fails are! :wink:


work: thought up a new test idea, experimented a bit. Then implemented it, and already found a new bug :bug:
personal: got all my Christmas shopping done. Managed to stay away from the big stores :gift:


Along with all your wins, this one of course makes me smile. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wow, that’s some impressive planning and action! Congrats. :trophy: :christmas_tree:


This week I’ve made excellent progress on how we can use tooling to observe community health at a high level and connect it to MoT’s North Star for 2022. More on that soon enough from Richard. :wink:

We also had a wrap-up session for 30 Days of Tools / Test.bash() to reflect on things that went well, could be improved, and what we might want to experiment with next time. Super useful.

Life wise this week has felt hectic and I’m aware I need to take minful breaks (no other screens, for example - actually read a physical book!) and observe such hecticness from further away. Will try that next week. However, I’ve got back on my exercise game. Short sessions yet moving in the right direction. Currently on a month plan. :muscle:

  • Worked on automation with a friend of mine (the two of us are working on a small side project as testing consultants), for UI we went with WebdriverIO and for the API tests we decided to use SuperTest
  • Done a bit of load testing in JMeter, after not doing it for quite some time

Work :
Managed to reproduce a bug, that had been lurking around, and fixed it .

Instead of thinking “Sometime I must change these windscreen wipers”. I bought and fitted a pair and am happy they are better than the old ones :slight_smile:


My wins:

  • managed the heavy week work where I presented my findings and how I thinkthe test strategy could be answering the 6 W instead of the the 28 page useless document they had before. They liked the idea and more work is waiting for me to make things in place
  • improved the frequency of making sketchnotes (still not that real time draw but at least a bit faster, than before)
  • went to a team building and we played several games
  • invited to make a meetup related to gamification in testing by facilitating games online in different rooms and also talk about its importance

Update just noticed it after commenting

  • the regular tag in the club is removed from my profile :frowning: feeling bad that I’m overwhelmed with the work and can’t find same time I use to have in communities activities :confused:

Work: helped two junior colleagues write their first automated system test for the API behind our mobile app. Still got the childish pleasure when it worked for the first time, and it exposed some (minor) bugs.

Outside work: I am very slowly working on a personal project and I had to use a technique in that (mutual recursion) that I use so rarely that I can’t remember when I last used it. I thought I should blog about it, but then thought I should work my way up to it rather than jump in at mutual recursion.

Thanks to @bencf1 I did a small mind map for it, it was obviously too much for one blog post, so it’s now five! I had to remind myself of / properly understand for the first time some stuff I last went through in college (tail recursion, back when the year started with a 1), so I learned stuff too.


Held another TestSphere session for a few of my colleagues. It was super fun and we agreed to do it on a regular basis.

This and a few other things that happened this week made me realise that I’m sometimes acting as a leader/learning facilitator for our team. So I decided that it’s probably a good idea to get better in this area, even though I’m not in a leadership position. Over the weekend I read two of Gerald Weinberg’s books on leadership. They’ve been an exciting read and full of lightbulb moments.