What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 13th September 2021

What’s your win for this week?

Could be mega and it could be tiny. Whatever it is, feel free to share and we can celebrate with you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Earlier this week I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. My wife and I went for a lovely meal (child-free!), are out later today and next week. Party time! :tada:

It’s also been exciting to work on 30 Days of Tools, which runs throughout October. The challenges are pretty much inked in. First one goes live on October 1st. I’ve also helped review all the talk submissions for Test.bash();. There are so many cool talks coming soon for that. :smiley:

And … I also banned someone from the community – the first time I’ve done that in my role as CommunityBoss. I take this as a huge win. There’s no place here for serial spammers!


Not much for me this week but here are my wins:


  • Wrote a API test suite to compare old & new API’s requests & responses :partying_face:


  • Going on a small holiday for the weekend :wink:


  • I stopped being an introverted remote hermit for one day and had some nice socializations as the new office, gave a junior colleague some tips for Selenium, had a coffee with my CEO (it’s a pretty small company of less than 50 people) and went to lunch with another QA co-worker - effectively a non-working work day! :grinning:


  • Checked out some interview preparations on Hacker Rank - for SQL Joins I always have to Google the syntax can’t never seem to remember it! The software testing theory part I did all right - I recognized a lot of the questions from the ISTQB syllabus and I pretty much suck at solving algorithms so I’ll need to practice a lot more.
  • Continued writing an article for MoT
  • I reminded myself about how nice it is to take a walk on a rainy day - and listen to some testing podcast

Special wins for this week

  • taking my first flight after the pandemic to Lille
  • speaking at JFTL conference in Paris
  • meeting my new colleagues at the conference
  • will start my new job very soon
  • exploring Lille without a plan as a tourist, not bad I ended finding beautiful places and good dessert :cupcake::icecream:


  • dealing with french papers, administrations and knowing how they complicate life to people :exploding_head:
    If I’d like to summarize it, you are new you don’t have x or y. To do x you need y and to do y you need x. A pure nightmare to just open a bank account here or an offical SIM or anything else … :sweat_smile:

Fortunately, I find some help from one of my family members in France, soon will fix part of the issues

  • another fail felt a bit of stress when presenting first time onsite after months remote during pandemic (not easy, had feeling like it’s my very first presentation)
  • This week I published another blog post about DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself in test automation. To spice things up I added some quotes from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D…
  • I made a draft blog post about a team activity with users.

Delivered a workshop in the office on how to set up and maintain CI/SD pipelines. It was well received!


It has been an up and down week for me.

  • Addressed the final ‘does not meet’ finding in our VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template)
  • Physical and mental health has not been great

I’m on holiday next week so deleting all socials and Slack to really get a break.



  • Travelled for the first time since the pandemic
  • On vacation
  • Lost a few pounds


  • Got multiple job offers
  • My article got publishes on MoT this week
  • A talk I submitted for the upcoming TestFlix got accepted
  • Have time on my hands to finish my final article for the year

Overall one of the best weeks in a long time. So grateful


This week, I got a bonus from uTest for being Most Valuable Tester in a cycle, and had one of my issues classed as Exceptionally Valuable by a client.


That little lot is paying for next weekend’s Llandudno trip with some old schoolfriends!


We look forward as usual to reading that.


Received Winning Certificate and some goodies for blog writing contest.


Oooh, do check out our bloggers channel, and do share your testing related and also non-testing related blogs.