What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 18th October 2021

What’s your win this week? Either personal or professional or both - let’s celebrate them together! :smiley:

For me it has to be the button I created for #30DaysOfTools. Specifically, Challenge 21. I genuinely laughed my ass of when I finished it and clicked it for the first time. I love it!

You can view the button here. How would you go about trying to click it with a tool?



  • Pushed button on what must be my 3rd release, phew
  • Made process improvements yet again, stepped up my ownership game
  • Gave co-worker praise where due, that felt good
  • Failed: To communicate often and early


  • Really enjoyed a 25 ani weekend getaway
  • Sleeping better again too
  • Failed : To go out for regular walks
  • Participating in #30DaysOfTools
  • Found a nice/security bug/issue in 1Password and reported it & it got validated.
  • had a chill sprint, everything went smooth


  • I’ve put together a closet from IKEA, never though I was able to with 2 left hands :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Had a long walk with heights and a lot of staires :confused: (not sure if a win! XD)
  • My toddler start pronouncing his first word clearly: “come on”, and repeating it a trillion times :laughing:
  • I had a coffee with my CEO, he’s pretty communicative and approachable guy, speaking to the guy made me realize that I probably could never have a company on my own, I’m not that sociable.
  • Paired with a former co-worker of mine, as we’re working on the same side project, we discussed how to define the automation strategy - I need to talk to my fellow testers more often!
  • Done a bit of QA consulting for a company that want’s to form a testing team. It’s interesting how some developer are very interested in software testing (like the guy from this company), while others are almost indifferent about it.
  • At work we organized a monthly sync meeting for the testers in the company - there are only 4 of us in total and we work across three different projects.
  • Found some spare time to finish a few shorter courses on LinkedIn Learning.

All in all a pretty noice week! :smiley:

  • Back to work after a month!
  • Found a bug on a mobile bank application and reported it. It was not that big but it’s a bug anyway! :smiley:
  • Returned from the military service. I realized that how lucky I am during a month!

Welcome to the MOT forums @emrebas . That sounds intriguing, do tell us more when you get a moment or two. :slight_smile:


Wins of the week:

  • Worked remotely the entire week from another country for the first time

  • Helped to achieve a successful sprint

  • Got more involved with the testing community

  • Improved my UI automation


It’s been a challenging period managing lots of change personal and professional

My wins:

  • started getting familiar with my new role and understand what I need to do although the complexity
  • received advice from community friends on how to proceed to show the maturity of testing in organization (part of my new role)
  • recorded a racket after ages
  • attended the quality acceleration peer conference
  • managed to find time to cook
  • will celebrate my 30th :birthday: tonight

My challenges:

  • first time in transversal role (lot of products/ lot of teams between 2 countries already) the maturity of testing is not that great. Lot of things aren’t done or doesn’t exist, complex situation and part of my role as QA coach to study the situation in all the teams then show them the recommendations and help them in the transformation