What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 2nd August 2021

What’s your win this week? Either personal or professional or both - let’s celebrate them together!

My wins are:

  • Started doing some release planning myself.
  • Finishing up our huge sprint where I had to do some facial recognition testing! Which was really fun to do, I had to compare my ID and make a video, so I uploaded this screenshot of Chewbacca as my ID and the AI said: 'Looks suspicious, manual verification required" >.<
  • I’ve been hanging out more in the Testers Hangout and met some awesome people for the first time! Thanks guys for the great times!
  • Gave up some holidays so I can work more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal wins

  • I started making my own chocolates :wink:

Let me know what you guys your wins … or fails are! :wink:


It was a pretty NOICE week, here are mine:


  • Wrote some internal Confluence documentation for onboarding of new testers and got nice feedback from my co-workers

  • Started a consulting side-gig doing testing consultant work for a small start-up and in collaboration with their Scrum Master and PO started making implementing a testing process

  • Done some refining for the test strategy on the project I’m on (up-to the point mind-map in Miro)


  • Listened to a lot of testing podcasts in the past few days, MoT’s podcast and the one from Qualitest

  • Continued working on a draft for this month’s Bloggers Club challenge

  • Got an offer to write an article for the TestProject!

  • Done some pro-bono mentoring, helped an aspiring junior tester to prepare for the job interview



  • Made a fundamental change to the PageObject in the framework in one day without breaking a single one of the tests
  • CI tests are finally greener towards the end of week
  • Started finding some decent security testing leads to learn and bootstrap my knowledge on security from


  • did not die
  • got to see what the real @kristof in person looks like (online) - he looks too young
  • started building winter fuel storage expansion to cope with climate change uncertainty

Not sure if this is a win, but it’s a sold #ParentingFail

  • started delegating DIY repair chores that dad normally does to the kids

How old did you think I am? XD I’m actually turning 30 next week Friday ;< new front door :frowning:

  • did not die

This made me laugh probably more than it should have :laughing:
Nice to still have you alive and kicking old-timer! :older_man:

  • Prepared my first article about testing

  • Recorded educational video about testing (internal for company)

  • Going to be vaccinated this Sunday.

Great week overall


Always enjoy reading wins. Congrats, @kristof @mirza @conrad.braam and @ogrudko .

Wins for me revolved around surviving my first family music festival with my kids. Great fun camping! Good times all round. I also got to unexpectedly play drums again!

Work wins this week have been about conversations with good people. I had an excellent chat with @antonella. We explored various ideas. We also discussed the importance of inclusive language in community, particularly the relationship it has with languages that are deemed regulated. As someone who can only speak English, I learnt a lot.

I also had a brilliant catchup with @mwinteringham where we explored how we could use data, assumptions and experimentation to better serve our Pro customers.

Plus I got to work with @mirza and @kristof to select a Club Ninja of the Month for July – my first time doing that. :trophy:


Nice nice nice to read all those wins.

  • I had a very productive first week back after my holidays
  • Onboarding of new colleague is going well. Some of the initiatives I put in place for that were well received by the new start, manager, and colleagues.

Reminds me @simon_tomes , I’m still up for a Racket with you :slight_smile:

  • I finally take my vaccination (shuut don’t ask me how as my turn still need ages, only testers will understand it https://twitter.com/emna__ayadi/status/1422876699478347776?s=20)

  • This month is an official break between jobs, but still have some todo things like preparing coming conference talks and other personal things


Used Pact for the first time ever to help put a small part of the PHP codebase using an old version of an http client under test before upgrading it by 3 major/breaking versions (had been struggling on thinking how to do this safely for over a week beforehand)


Fairly quite week all told

  • Delivered a session on Testing for a Tech Essentials course
  • Had some feedback on an update explaining the changes proposed in the next version of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Wrote a few talk proposals