What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 9th August 2021

Since @simon_tomes is still out of action. (Get better soon!)

What’s your win this week? Either personal or professional or both - let’s celebrate them together!


  • Found some lovely security holes at some companies.
  • Pushed hard for some last minute fixes before the new release
  • Talked to @pwong on the tester hangout about some career development! <3
  • Met some new people on the Testers Hangout.

Personal wins

  • Had my Birthday and turned 30…new front door :partying_face:

Let me know what your wins are!


Professional: my proposal to run a MoT workshop was accepted! :slight_smile: Now I just need to wrangle the slides and stuff for the exercises, plus fight impostor syndrome.

Personal: in about an hour’s time I will go on holiday until a week on Monday. Back to one of my happy places - pretending to be Tudor at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk (UK). Hands-On History Days. Hope you get well soon, Simon.



  • For our Community of Practice meeting I send round an article to read, which we then discussed. Some really good action points came out of it. Going to do that more often
  • @sjprior invited me and @maaike.brinkhof to be a guest on A MoT podcast, which we recorded on Friday . That was big fun.
  • Our company allows us to take 1 day flexi leave a month, if you’ve put in enough hours. I decided last minute to take the Friday off. Just what I needed to recharge.


  • I haven’t been as active on the MoT Club as I wanted to be. If I see how much others contribute, it puts me to shame


  • I got my eye-sight re-checked, no major regressions there which is good if there are no changes in the upcoming six months I might be a candidate for the laser removal of the dioptric (if this is the right term).


  • I got acquainted a bit with GraphQL on a new project I’m working on, and it was fun.

Nice! yea GraphQL can be fun :smiley: I really enjoy the concept of not over-fetching.

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