What's Your Win For The Week? 6th March 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them with you :cake:

My wins for this week:

  • Got some code working here on The Club that I wasn’t expecting to be something I could do
  • Got a new tool set up to help the team while I’m out on maternity leave and I’m very happy with it :muscle:
  • For the first time in months, I managed my full exercise routine one day this week

I have been in the office the whole week for the first time since three months. Made well worth of my time:

  • Did temperature testing with our devices and found plenty of things that need further investigation by the team
  • Helped remote colleagues with things they needed done in the office
  • Cleaned up, and organised some of our laboratory spaces, so people can work more safely and efficiently

So many wins;

  • Last day of homeschooling. We got through it. YES!
  • Getting to know and having an hour conversation talking all things testing with Mike.
  • Realising you always don’t have to do be “inspirational” all the time. I was questioning myself about picking a safe topic for women’s Day (sharing some books I’ve read). However “no regrets”!
  • Facilitated a release showcase and had lots of feedback that I was confident and brought lots of energy.
  • Running continues…160 miles for the year, so far.
  • Professional: More bootcamp sessions, this time was them all doing lightning talks about their journeys and what they have learned and it was such a fantastic session to see all the trainers hard work shining through. It made me so happy and gave me such a lift when I really needed it.
  • Personal: The new branding is going well. I’ve a new Twitter handle of A11y_Ady (https://twitter.com/A11y_Ady) and new avatar logo. (which has just reminded me to update that here!). I’ve even ordered an embroidered polo with my handle and name on for on screen and hopefully soon, conferences.

:clap: Love it!

:muscle: Yes!

Does this mean new stickers? :eyes:

Well done @heather_reid!!
I’m over the moon because I started Angie Jones’ java course yesterday and I have just solved my first assignment <3 I can’t explain this feeling I have, I feel like I made something!


Some great wins this week so far everyone, high fives!!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

For me is been a more personal struggle this week after some distressing news on Monday, just getting to Thursday was an achievement in itself. It all worked out in the end :slightly_smiling_face:

Last day of home-schooling :tropical_drink:

I’ve been super busy with bookkeeping work and very much going enjoy a night away from the screen tonight :iphone: :computer:


This week:

  • I had a great chat with @melissafisher about everything testing!
  • I presented our Testing Quadrants to the Frontenders meeting, and found that this was a good way to create a discussion about testing

I missed last week’s so I might cheekily add


  • I survived my first week attending an event as a sponsor. UI Automation Week was great, but as a sponsor, it was really tiring. I’m tempted to blog about it.
  • I am getting to design some internal training around CI, CD and DevOps, which I’m hopeful will be really useful
  • I met my whole office (virtually) for a social, which was a lot of fun. We used https://skribbl.io/
  • I have survived my first month in my new job, and already feel like I am providing some valuable input, which feels great
  • Testing Peers podcast passed 5k downloads, which is a really exciting landmark to meet


  • I survived my Grandma’s funeral, and all the surrounding events and emotions around it
  • Spent ages with my eldest looking at the stars and discussing astronomy…I’m a novice on this, so it’s been really fun to learn together
  • I’ve continued with #100DaysOfMove, I think it’s really helping me in the mornings to start my day well
  • Plans for my build up to Eurovision thread are afoot, it will be a lot of fun (for me, if not for anyone else)

Of course! I mean, you have to don’t you? :+1:


This week here are my wins:

  • Learnt and deployed my project to CI/CD and refinement
  • Spent most of the time in monitoring the logs
  • Executed the the browser tests and trying to figure out why its unstable

My wins for the week…

  • Several HIIT sessions

  • Onboarding at Microsoft

  • Developing my Jira-Fu

  • Learning about Cisco IP Routing and Networking


My wins for the week:

  • Got my house buying back on as it was in a massive threat of falling through! The house move might still happen this month!

  • Got another scan in and baby is growing as normal (there was also a suspicion baby might not be growing as expected)!

  • Launched TestBash Home 2021!


Baked my own CircleCI/Fastlane/XCUITest parallelization scheme since I think I might be the first person to ever do that?


My win for this week - and no problem posting this on a Monday, because this one’s so important - is that I had my first COVID vaccination on Saturday!