What's Your Win For The Week - w/c 12th July 2021

What’s your win this week? It can be a personal or professional win that we can all celebrate with you :partying_face:

My wins are:

  • Taking a day off to recharge the batteries. I went to Brighton to sit by the sea, enjoy a coffee and a nice lunch.
  • Feeling a bit more organised and in control this week. I’d lost my mojo a bit recently, but I’m feeling more in alignment this week.
  • I went to the gym before work yesterday. I’m trying to make more time for exercise, little and often so I can build up a good routine.
  • I had some fantastic meetings with new bookkeeping clients this week, with some pretty amazing feedback.
  • Arranged some time to stay with my Dad in August with my son. Something nice to look forward to.
  • Got my cosplay masks out to start testing some face recognition stuff
  • Started testing some face recognition stuff
  • Made a wookiee passport and submitted it on my profile and it said “looks suspicious - manual validation required” – Maybe I am an alien O.o – it got denied XD


  • got a new playlist finally :stuck_out_tongue:
  • prepping to see the new F&F

My wins for the week:

  • A real sense of connection with our community again (I’d lost it a bit due to a difficult June)
  • Collaborating with MoT Founder Rosie Sherry on how we can use observations to take action – a big learning on my journey to become a better CommunityBoss.
  • Officially supporting my first AMA as Link Ninja™️ and capturing awesome questions for us to share in the future.
  • I got back on my bike for a #CommuteToHome. It’s been way too long since I did that!
  • Made a start on revisiting the famous Heuristics Cheat Sheet. Elisabeth Hendrickson has kindly given us permission to revisit and iterate on it. Very excited about this! Early days.
  • Helped someone reach their 10 followers on Racket.
  • Prepped a bit for our first family camping trip this weekend – a test run for Camp Bestival later this month.
  • Learning more about API (still beginner there but I start feeling getting things better than before)
  • It’s been more than a year and I want to sort the games I know, tried related to testing 🎳 Gamify your Testing and Agile Activities – Emna Ayadi and with racket I find an interestign combination with short audio describing the game
  • My blog challenge related to 3P’s is mentioned in many places, I didn’t know it was that interesting :smiley:
  • Another win, Top 1 on racket this week, (it wasn’t a target but It seems there is some interest to gamification series I shared which increased the number of plays)

The win I’m most happy about is now that I have dedicated time for accessibility away from testing I’ve been able to get a company accessibility statement published. Alongside that I’ve updated our VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) to reflect the current system. There was a lot of changes and fixes to remove.
Next up is updating our blog post on the products accessibility so everything is up to date.


Had a 4 day work week, but managed to deliver 5 days worth of work. Not sure if that is a win, or stupidity.
Another 4 day work week this week as well, so that is already a big win


You’ll have to deliver just 3 days of work to make up for last week :wink: