What's Your Win For The Week? 6th February 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them with you :muscle:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional: Got to implement an update here on The Club which paves the way for some exciting changes I want to implement here.
  • Personal: successfully put a pram/stroller together. I think software development is easier :laughing:

Despite a gas and water outage at the house at different moments, which caused quite a bit of disruption, I managed to finish all my tasks for the week


This week, I’m finally a bit ahead of myself with work. I feel like I’ve my workload under control and I’ve been able to tackle some long standing to-dos that weren’t super urgent but it’s nice to have the chance to tick off some of them. Aiming to keep ticking off one a week.

Personallly - I’ve started adding cardio workouts into my week, they are tough. I want to get stronger for when we’re allowed to climb again. Managed 2 this week mixed in with my normal yoga practice. Turns out burpees are gross. Did them though and I know they are helpful.

Happy Friday!


Professionally, I’ve been making some good progress with others to organise a large series of changes into an appropriate release schedule, which has helped my test planning efforts. I’ve also managed to get through the first couple of stages of an interview process elsewhere, which I’m quite excited about!

Personally, my Wife and I finished Unravel 2 without any fallings-out :smiley: - it’s a fun little game and I recommend it!


Professionally: Led a QA planning meeting with two colleagues and the client’s tester - not normally something we do (we generally just get on with it and collaborate over Slack!) but it was a very helpful meeting for everyone involved and it really helped to get the client’s tester on board with our early-and-often way of working.

Personally: we put up a cast iron bird feeder in our scratty back garden and have since been enjoying the company of a pair of robins, a smattering of blue tits, some blackbirds, a wood pigeon and a dunnock! Now looking into the possibility of a webcam/camera trap so we can track them from our bedroom/office :smiley:


Professional - career/goal/PDP support to team members. Learnt more about the customer mindset.
Personal - up to 91 miles running for the year. Hope to be up to 100 miles by end of the weekend :ok_hand:


Professional: Strategies for separating out great content from social media noise has yielded some results, and encouraged by that. Have been making progress in studying analyzing software architecture, processes, frameworks which are of high value, and how I can incorporate them in work.

Personal: Workouts are happening, in spite of all the pressures from every aspect of life!


My wins for the week:

  • I got my article Anatomy of Test Automation listed in Software Testing Weekly issue 57 (https://softwaretestingweekly.com/issues/57)
  • I hit 2000 followers on Twitter, a huge milestone for me!
  • I got some time to start looking ahead to replacing a jMeter based capacity test at work. Feels like the first time in a long time I’ve done any forward planning beyond a 2 week window.
  • Helped my eldest daughter do her first Live Stream on Minecraft, she’s been asking me for this for a long time. Daddy win.

Professionally, this week couldn’t have started much worse for me, suddenly finding myself without a job in Monday evening.

The turnaround was remarkable, and by Wednesday evening I had a job offer, an offer that I accepted on Friday and started today - I covered the story in a blog post:

I’m hoping for a calmer week next!


This is such an amazing story. Long live communities!


Amen to that @pmichielsen !


Struggled and was victorious through getting an Android release out, but now I know how to do the Appstore uploads and all, it has given me a few ideas. Let’s hope this idea does not make me any enemies. Balancing that win against selenium webdriver, which still cracks me up.

Had fun playing sandbox /combat game and have gotten involved in a project to make aiming crosshairs. This involved learning to use Unity, which is a huge steep mountain even thogh I’m not even seeing code at all. Took a week to finally create 8 icons, they don’t all work yet, but baby steps.


Professional: Getting ready to start a new job next monday :+1:

Personal: Start playing “Metro Exodus”…one hell of a FPS! (even better than the two previous…we´ll see :slight_smile: )


Congrats @juanalvarezarquillos . Don’t let Metro exodus get in your way of excellence :smiley:


Good point! :stuck_out_tongue:
I made a typo…I wanted to say I´m testing the game…


I don’t think we ever stop being testers, even when we relax :rofl:


Led our product review team through “check testing” of Jira items to get us to code freeze for an integration with another company’s product. This will be the first time I have managed all of the testing for an integration, and I’m quite happy with how it has gone so far.