What's your win for the week? - w/c 1st November 2021

The first week of the month means I have the privilege of picking a Club Ninja of the (previous) Month. Which is a lovely part of my role and a big win, sharing the good news with that person. Swag sent today so watch this space for who that might be. They’re awesome!

This week also means I got to set this month’s Bloggers Club challenge and wrap up a few things with 30 Days of Tools and Test.bash();. And I’ve gone back to a project on Community Health. Which is super exciting!

How about you? What’s your win/s for this week? No matter what they look like let’s celebrate them with you! :trophy:

  • First week back after 3 weeks off. That’s a win on its own
  • Delivered my 99-minute workshop for MoT
  • My partner’s son passed his driving test. All the work we put in has paid off!
  1. Adapted a dev-minded Web Accessibility Basics presentation I made for the tech team, for a non-tech audience, at short notice. It went well and I learned a lot while making it, from needing to focus less on the technical how-to and more on the human why-to of accessibility. My understanding of A11y got more rounded because of it!
  2. Made an appointment at a hair salon, something I haven’t done in many years.
  3. Got through a stressful week. :3

Did some deep log digging on a bug and found the root cause (a call between two backend services was sent with a wrong parameter). The responsible dev gave me a big thumbs up as it made his life so much easier :slight_smile:

Used my TestSphere deck for the first time in an informal session with my colleagues (mostly devs). They liked it and said they want to do it again :tada:

And most importantly: I survived being stuck WFH with a sick kid the whole week!

  • I was blocked from testing a few new stories, so I spent the time to clear up some of the technical debt in terms of automation
  • Started working on an article draft on the topic of ET and began writing a blog posts for this month’s Bloggers Club, about Oracles and Heuristics - still haven’t decided on the final title

Biggest win was Test.Bash(); after that prepping for a 2 week holiday! :slight_smile: <3


This week took place the Agile Tour Bordeaux and I was an organizer. It was a lot of time and stress, we were about 200 people on site and more or less the same remotely. Some broadcast problems (damn micro). But feedbacks has been good and I am very proud of our self-organized organization team, so many fun. I also have other win… I will let you know later.