What’s Your Win For The Week? 9th January 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Let’s celebrate them :muscle:

My wins for this week:

  • I started to put my plans together for helping the community in 2021 :eyes:
  • I managed at least 1 full day of work for the first time in over a month.
  • I only got locked out of one account that I forgot to update my password on :laughing:

I’m so happy that this thread has returned, the end of year one was wonderful, but I love the weekly positive thread.

  • I started the #100DaysOfMove, it’s only day 4 for me, but I’m hopeful that I lose weight and get fitter during this lockdown, as opposed to the last two.

  • I started getting to use AzureDeveOps in anger this week, my how the world looks nicer without a Tortoise tool!

  • We (Testing Peers) released our #MakeATester episode, which is a really interesting topic and hopefully can keep those conversations going - #MakeATester

  • In my interim Scrum Master role, I had to run planning all by myself (no PO or stakeholders present) with minimal preparation time, and it actually went ok, I think…I guess we’ll find out when it comes to retro time!


5 day weeks are hard after the festive season and January is pfft but:

  • I wrote a tiny bit of C# while following a Specflow code along example and it actually worked :open_mouth:

  • I spent some time debugging and working through a problem on PROD with a developer I had previously argued with and felt like we had got off on the wrong foot. We solved the problem and moved it to PROD I think we have a much better understanding of each other.

  • I found an excuse to use Beeceptor again and managed to set up my own mocking rules that then worked in little JS test I’d built while doing an API testing course.

I love this thread <3


Hi there! My win this week was to keep an overall zen attitude. Whereas it’s true that my week wasn’t long (there was a public holiday) and I wasn’t loaded with tasks either, I could have felt overwhelmed anyway as usual and this week I didn’t :slight_smile: I’m happy and pleased with this feeling of “things will be done when they get done”. Cheers!


I always seemed to miss last years threads but I’d always read through later. The positive thoughts are great to see :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t believe it is Friday already, and my first full week since March! (I went onto reduced hours last year).

  • Making it through the week lol
  • Running regularly - even in the snow!
  • I’ve been doing my physio exercises every day, too
  • I’ve come for a snoop on The Club each day
  • Slowly eased back into work and released some features that had been hanging around since December

My wins this week are:

  • Getting mostly caught up on work after the break :muscle:t2:
  • Putting in a routine to balance my work and sons school work now school is closed again. Thank you to our CommunityBoss for helping me take a step back and de-stress :pray:t2:
  • Making sure I went for a walk everyday so that I actually left the house which improved my mood :walking_woman:t2:

Interesting, worthy of it’s own Club thread perhaps @christovskia? :wink:

Oooh never heard of Beeceptor before! What API testing course are you taking @meowy24?

Excellent win! Hope the zen attitude continues with you into next week :heart:

It’s great to see you back @froberts! :grin:

Excellent news! Was a bit of a last minute announcement so kudos for getting this in place so quickly :muscle:


Good news!!

@sjprior started a thread on this last year: What Skills #MakeATester in 2020?


API Testing in JavaScript on TAU. The course uses mocky which looked the same as Beeceptor so I thought I’d try with that instead. I used beeceptor where I was before to mock intergration providers when the devs had set up new connectors. It always required a bunch of faff to get the notifications to actually send so when I did finally get some in beeceptor it always made me very happy and as such I have fond memories attached to it :smiley: #simpleapitestingpleasures


I’ve had a few wins this week…

  • Managed to make time to go for a run twice this week
  • Was brave enough to tell my line manager I was struggling and that I needed some more direction
  • Made time to meet (albeit virtually) with friends

Yay, as @christovskia says, great these threads are back. So good to read everybody’s achievements.
this week for me:

  • By the time today is finished, managed to fit in 5 days of work in a 4 day work-week (Scotland had a public holiday on Monday)
  • Not calling it a challenge, but made a drawing every day, under the hashtag #adrawingaday. Want to keep this going as long as I can. Here’s one


@meowy24 that sounds really cool! I’ve not yet braved mocking :see_no_evil:

Congratulations Drew! It’s difficult to admit you need help, congratulations for getting the courage to do this :muscle:

Sounds a bit like you haven’t properly taken a break then? :thinking:

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The break was proper. Just that there was so much to do at work :sweat_smile:

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Thank crunchie it’s Friday in that case!

  • Went for my first ever run (last weekend but I’m counting it as it was less than 7 days ago :smiley: ).
  • Gotten used to working in a better home environment - last year, I was working at a desk in the bedroom which ended up making me feel like I was sleeping in the office all the time. Over the break, my Wife and I moved bedrooms and turned the old bedroom into a proper office space. Something we can leave at the end of the day :slight_smile:
  • Designed an API testing framework using C# and RestSharp which I think is going to work quite nicely.

Super important if you’re able to do this. Hope it helps you to switch off from work :slight_smile:

Oooh do share your journey in API testing or Automation on here if you’re able to!


I completed a PoC on K6 Load Testing, I made sure it had Feature Parity with Locustio which is what our tests are in now. This is a win for me because if I can switch us to a Javascript supported load tester I don’t have to write all the load tests. And If I leave the team there is no need to bug me for Python changes.
Its a cool process to learn new tools!


Excellent! I’ve always wanted to try out K6. Does this mean that the developers can help write the load tests now too?

  • Ran 24 miles this week :muscle:
  • Went completely blank in a meeting - was open to say I was struggling with balancing kids/work in the first week of new lockdown - haven’t beat myself up for going blank. May want to prepare next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Made the kids a priority this week. It has been tough for them. Managed to reassure them that doing the best you can is good enough.
  • Kicked off the testing stories collaboration
  • Got a presentation ready on customer feedback related to our pre prod environments
  • Made time for chit chats with my reports
  • Lunchtime chat with the lovely @lharney

:clap: managing this and making the kids a priority. Difficult balance :heart: