What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 30th August 2021

It’s already September yet this week started in August! :open_mouth:

What are your wins for this week? No matter how big, small or somewhere in between it’s always good to reflect and celebrate each other. :trophy:

  • Post-COVID I’ve got back into a bit of exercise before I start work, trying to find a routine after the carnage that is getting my kids ready for school and pre-school. :slight_smile:
  • Very excited to start properly planning for 30 Days of Tools in October
  • I got to collaborate with the MoT team to put together talk ideas for Test.bash(); . Interested to see if discreet choices make it easier for folks to work out what to share.

Professional - nothing, as I’m still on vacation.


  • I have been mentoring a friend for junior testor role and he just got his first job!
  • First time on seaside with the family, last year we couldn’t go anywhere due to Covid. My boy loves the water and I still haven’t forgotten how to swim! :sweat_smile:

Just before signing off, my win for the week:

  • Another new colleague started in a different team. So pleased to see that the onboarding initiatives I put in place have been adopted by others.

It’s been an incredible month disconnected from work

  • Enjoyed the beach and the funny activities
  • Getting my visa and planned my first flight very soon, since november 2019
  • Having 3 awsome family celebrations last week
  • Our deck for agile testing days is ready :)))
  • Started making a workshop for September about Ethical Hacking
  • Found some nice security issues :partying_face:
  • Started making a comparison between browser stack & SauceLabs

Going to the gym for the very first time in my life. 3x500m on the rowing machine, 2 mins on a bike, and 500m on the ski machine. Going back tomorrow!

Also, recording a racket with @mwinteringham about 99 minute workshops, both talking about my idea, and Mark sharing what makes a good one.


Wow! Vacation. :star_struck: Have fun!


Am I seeing this correctly? Do,do we have 2 sets to celebrate wins? One is monthly wins and others is weekly? Is that so?


That is correct :slight_smile:
One is about your wins in the last month and the other one (this one) is for your weekly wins.


That’s in itself is a win-win. :star_struck:

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