What's Your Win For The Month? February 2021

After seeing the HUGE success of last months win for the month post, I decided we should keep it going :muscle:

No matter how big or small your win for February is, share it here so we can celebrate it with you :balloon:

My wins for this month:

  • Professional: purchased a tool that’s going to help the team while I’m out on maternity leave so I feel less like I’m leaving them in the lurch
  • Professional: got the big updated done here on The Club which opens opportunities to start doing much more here

I’m slowly getting to grips with AngularJS. I’ve managed to create some directives that I’ve able to mix and match like Lego bricks across different pages. In the process I’m slowly paying down some technical debt to do with ASP.Net web forms shudder. As well as improving the site from the technical point of view, both areas are now less scary to me.


For me my biggest win this month is personal. Me and my partner decided to ban being on our devices (mobile phones, laptops) after 20:00 every evening. This has worked so good for us, we’re going to continue with it. Watched more movies, had good conversations, read more, played board games.
With the evenings getting lighter this is going to be great!


For me it’s attending Automation UI week and getting affirmation that the decisions I have made around my automation framework design were the right ones. Being on a team of 1 for so long has you doubting yourself.

Not only that but also having exposure and interaction with people who are in the same position as me has been very refreshing. I am not alone!



  • More work on the bootcamp
  • Collected my thoughts together on a potential periodic table of accessibility and Human Interaction Testing, based on Human Computer Interaction but covering a wide range including; a11y, neurodiversity, emotion, usability and more
  • Created a Jamboard ahead of the next interactive accessibility quiz 99 minute workshop in March
  • More tweaking of the home office decorations (#ManCave)
  • Went through my clothes and created a large pile to donate

I recently learned to setup an AWS Linux 2 EC2 instance as a Selenium Grid host. Using Linux instead of Windows will cost about half as much. Now I’m setting up AWS Workspaces machines as Selenium Grid nodes. The whole Grid could actually be run just a few Workspaces. Huge savings over data center costs.

I really like this topic, great idea!


Professional: been seeing a noticeable shift/improvement at my company in getting testers involved earlier and talking about risk and defect prevention

Personal: Made it to the 4th week of a Coursera course (1 week to go after this one). Fun fact: I learned that in general, the size of the seed determines how deep into the soil it should go.


Would love to see the end-result (or even the draft version)

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Well, this is kinda second half of January + February update from me since we only worked second half of January.


  • Started mentoring three new QA interns mid January, and we just finished first month retrospective meetings with them (last one was today). I already did one mentorship two years ago, but this time I upped the game by mentoring 3 at once, and also by doing it completely online. It was challenging experience, but they’re super content with it and are now starting to get into their first real projects so I’m quite proud about that.

  • Continued my learning enthusiasm this year too, now I’m at 400+ completed courses on Pluralsight. Still not sure where exactly I’m going with all of it, but I do enjoy learning new stuff.


  • Got both doses of vaccine so I should be fine now. Still won’t take too much risk, but I’m more calm knowing that I have at least some protection in my blood.

  • Visited my hometown, spent almost a full week with my parents, and also managed to see some friends which I haven’t seen since October. We’re regularly in touch over social networks, but it’s a bit different when you get to sit down and drink some beer together.


So would I! I’m hoping to find some time to develop those ideas once the next cohort of the software testing bootcamp is all scheduled as we will have all the slide resources then so it will be just delivery. At the moment we are developing the slides as well so it takes most of my spare time.

Will share when there’s something useful to feedback on though.


Loads of personal wins for me this month:

  • Moved into my new house and I love it!
  • My daughter started nursery and has settled in really quickly
  • It was my birthday this month :grin:

And a few professional ones too:

  • Recorded loads of the Essentials online courses for the pathway (look out for the pathway being released soon!!)
  • I was nudged a wee bit out of my comfort zone to run a workshop/session on “Continuous Compliance” and it was actually awesome (if I do say so myself :joy:)
  • got another QE role opened up at Ada! (So if anyone is interested in joining one of the core teams that works on testing the AI side of the Medical Intelligence engine, hit me up for a chat!)

I have a few wins this month


We won the UI Automation Week team coding challenge last Friday using Cypress. Learned a ton from last week and gained some new contacts. Win win. Even treated myself to a MoT T-shirt :grin: