What's Your Win For This Week? September 11th

Continuing our new tradition of sharing and celebrating our weekly wins, what’s your win for this week?

I have a few wins :grin:

  • Despite there being nobody in the house all week, I didn’t spend every single evening working just because there was nobody here AND I took proper breaks :muscle:
  • I’ve nearly finished the reorganising of categories here on The Club - it’s a subtle change :sweat_smile: but I hope it will make posting here easier for people :crossed_fingers:
  • I’ve finalised plans for a big community party which I’ll be sharing soon :wink:

My win for the week is experiencing the support of the testing community. Ministry of Testing tagging me in a few tweets and then getting lots of positive feedback on that. Means a lot :raised_hands: :ninja_orange: :heart:


Getting curious now :partying_face:

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Did somebody say party? :thinking: :partying_face:

My win was my goal at the beginning of the week. Get comfortable with my slides for TestBash Manchester to have a run through (or two, or three…) on Saturday hoping to record on Sunday. I have a couple of videos to shoot showing a mobile phone being used in accessibility mode but I’m just about where I wanted to be.

Also, my daughter had a bid accepted on a house which technically wasn’t my win but made me very happy.


Is this the testbash Manchester that is the default follow-on from the dropped Brighton in March? If so, I’ll have to win on that one.

  • My win has been finally finding enough background time to start coding together some selenium remote/hub infrastructure so I can spin up browser tests on top of our test farm machines.
  • My other big win this week has been getting some free wood for next year

    Obligatory chainsaw juggling pic may follow, that depends on very many variables.

I’m not quite sure I understand the question Conrad. I think, and am happy to be corrected, TestBash Home was the replacement for Brighton. The Manchester event is the annual one but online and free with MoT Pro membership, as are all the TestBash’s now.
Yours also sounds like a great win :+1:

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I passed my probation last week, and had my review yesterday. My feedback was (summarised to be):

11/10, Never change.

For the first time in my career as a tester, I genuinely feel valued by my whole company (not just a few individuals) and know that I have definitely improved quality within the company, in multiple areas.

Oh and today is my MoT cakeday, as it also is for quite a few others apparently!


Aaah I suspected I had missed that, may have been too busy firefighting. Which is kinda why we need to celebrate our little wins more and build them.

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Yup I have my slice of :cake: too!!!


Managed to get my test environment/data sorted this week - I was a little nervous to start because I’ve never set up this type of environment - but got stuck in - worked through the problems and all setup now! :slight_smile:


My win for this week was the feedback on my rejected talk proposal:
“Your talk was a very good contender”.


My win was cleaning up our manual regression test cases for our mobile app. It took me all week, but I did it!


My wins this week:

  • Nailing the school run routine on first week back :muscle:t2:
  • Building on my confidence and not being afraid to ask for help :pray:t2:
  • Embracing what I love doing instead of worrying that I’m different to those around me :nerd_face:
  • Second club post of the week :star_struck:

My wins this week

  • Getting involved in more learning opportunities.
  • Being kind to myself, after a very exciting, productive start to the week, I’ve been struggling with the end to stay focused and feeling fatigued to f**k. Trying not to beat myself up. Frustrating but know I’m mending slowly.
  • Managed some weeding and the back is looking tidy, it’s taken ages but it’s entirely worth it :slight_smile:

My wins:

I got promoted from lead to principal tester at my company, which I did not expect to happen until the next review period next year.
I got my 5-month-old to sleep in his crib going in awake and not having to pick him up at all.


Congrats on the promotion!

Thank you! I find it gave me some extra push to get some things I wanted done.

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Keep applying and don’t give up! My first talk got accepted but it took a while to find the right place for it.

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Wins of the week:

  • I painted a 6 shelf furniture by myself for the first time.

  • helped my younger sister with her brownies business using a kanban board :raised_hands:t2:

  • set myself a daily challenge to get some sun everyday!

Did you say community party @heather_reid??? :heart:


Getting through to advanced ElasticSearch & Kibana for analyzing the data.
Became part of their community too, and look forward for discussing advanced

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