What are your wins for the month? - November 2021 🏆

The 11th month has been and gone just like that! Where did it go? :fireworks:

I reflect on all sorts of things that happened in my work life in November – like wrapping up tasks related to 30 Days of Tools and Test.bash();, getting excited for HolidayBash plus plenty of focus on what we want to achieve in 2022.

I also achieved a lot with a Community Health project I’m leading. We have focus for next year and have an idea of how we can use the Orbit Model to help. Plus my brain has started noodling problems/ideas on how I might help support local meetups in 2022.

Personally my physical health has improved and it’s been steady enough with my mental wellbeing.

So how’s November been for you? Let’s celebrate your wins in whatever shape and size they come in. We celebrate together and lift each other up. :muscle:

  • Probably the first 2 weeks of holiday that I had this year :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Recorded some awesome podcasts.
  • Found some nice security holes as usual.
  • Did some funny interviews
  • Started making rackets again
    => my latest one: Security testing, Testers should take the lead! | Racket
  • Been prepping some new workshops for API testing.

Work life

  • Shared my visions and goals for 2022 with Team MoT. I personally found it very tough trying to identify what I believe will bring great value to the community members, but also sustain the company. I think I eventually found a good balance and the team have been very responsive to them.
  • Mark has introduced the North Star KPI to the company, which I think we enable us to quickly question is something is worth investing our time in.
  • Wrapped up our first batch of Automation in Testing 99-min Workshops


  • Finlay turned 1!
  • Enjoying making fun/silly meme videos which I’m posting on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • A while ago I turned a rant about accessibility into an idea for a talk. In NovemberI changed it to a blog post.
  • For the Dutch Santa Clause festivities I wrote poems for 9 people. One was lucky enough to receive 4 limericks.
  • Finished my first draft of an eBook targeted at people new to testing or wanting to move into testing: Starting Your Software… by Nicola Lindgren [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
  • I’m pretty proud of the handover I did before going on maternity leave
  • Finally learned a more efficient way of putting my daughter into this winter onesie, until a few days ago, it would be a battle full of frustrated mumbling
  • Finally drove manual again after getting my license back in February. (we had been driving auto rental cars, then when we got our. own car 1-2 months ago, I kept on trying to get out of driving as driving manual makes me nervous, finally realised that the more I put it off, the worse it will be)

Keeping it short;

Delivered a 99-minute workshop for MoT

  • Unlocking the option work from home 1 per week after my first 2 months in the new job :grinning:
  • Just started working with API first time in project context
  • invited to run a meetup about games related to testing from a colleague in other country who read my blog about it (very excited about this one although my slides and workshop template online not yet ready, but I have lot to tell about this topic in my head)
  • and the biggest win my first time at AgileTD Germany!

and it earned you more than one lifetime groupie



  • 2 different platform release kinds in one month (hotfixes still count)
  • finalized test plan for next feature release and automated a many-years-overdue release automation tool
  • regularly joining and even helping folk on Sign in - Google Accounts


  • still stuck at home, but not gotten ill once so far - and took up a new hobby learning about ropes
  • so far not been whamagedonned before the time https://www.whamageddon.com/

Probably one of my biggest wins in 2021

I had my debut as a conference speaker at ATD Germany. Still can’t believe it really happened.

And got in touch with a new Spanish tandem partner and I took up learning Spanish again.

  • I delivered two talks about ‘Shift left with early Model Based Testing’ at the QA-detective-conference 2021 and at the last TestBustersNight of 2021.
  • I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of TestCompass
  • I did some online demos of TestCompass
  • I was able to welcome a number of new customers of TestCompass
  • Our workshop ‘Exploring Students’ `Sensemaking of Test Case Design’ was accepted and the results will be presented at the QRS Conference 2021 on the 9th of December.
  • I successfully tested some stories with my customer

Do you happen to have a recording of these? :slight_smile:


Hi Kristof,

The one at the QA-detective conference was recorded. As soon as I received a copy, will share with you.