Create an advert to market your favourite testing tool – 30 Days of Tools, Day 31 BONUS DAY

Huh? It’s Day 31 of the 30 Days of Tools challenge! Who doesn’t enjoy testing boundaries?

Here’s a bonus challenge for you. Time to go celebrate your favourite testing tool.

Thank you for getting stuck in throughout October! :raised_hands:

Create an advert to market your favourite testing tool

  • What should your advert include? How will it convince someone to try it out? Who are you targeting with your message?
  • How will you share your advert? Consider a poster or video or written testimonial and more!
  • Have fun and keep it light, the folks behind the tool will very much appreciate it! :smiley:

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It should include some powerful message, stating it will fix all issues most people probably face. I suppose that’s what attracts people to click on their links/advertisements. If I have an issue with CI/CD and it says ‘Includes CLI for CI/CD’ I will definitely check it out.

The target of the ad is probably a tester, I don’t think PM/PO’s get the task to find a new testing tool or management tool.

What’s important is an easy demo is available or a hands-on tutorial.

Social Media’s & Forums.

This is a hard task! :stuck_out_tongue:


It should include examples of the practical applications of the tool, something short, concise and up to the point. To convince people to try it should address some common pain points and explain how the tool will make things easier for you. I’d probably be targeting the managers and the technical people - for the managers try to get their attention by saying things like: “this tool will save you money” and for the technical folks explain to them the tool will help them in more concreate details, like save them some time.

I’d probably share it on social media, maybe pay for some advertising and ask the people I know to try it and to leave some honest reviews, offer extended trials to people who are willing to share their reviews of the tool publicly.

All in all, it’s a lot of work, I think I’ll stick to testing and leave this to the marketing professionals :sweat_smile: