Test.bash(); 2021 is Fast Approaching - Get the Conversation Started

Test.bash(); is only a month away and we want to start hearing from you on what you’re looking forward to seeing.
So here are a few suggestions:

  • The lineup is now live and we can’t wait to see these talks! Which of the talks are you really looking forward to and why? :clap:

  • Is there a specific tool you want to know more about? :toolbox:

  • Have you attended last year’s Test.bash();? How was it? :tickets:

Or maybe you can start telling us your experiences from our talk topics?

  1. What’s Your Approach to Comparing Tools with Each Other?
  2. What Are Your Favourite Three Tools and Why?
  3. Share Your Current Tooling for Automated Testing
  4. How Do You Stay Tool Aware?

Let’s get this conversation started and hope to see you on October, the 28th! :wink:


I’m most looking forward to Butch Mayhew’s talk about their Ruby Test Automation Framework. This is because I am an avowed Rubyist and am very interested in what features of the language they have been able to make use of.


I think for me it’s going to be any talks around the “What Are Your Favourite Three Tools and Why?” topic. I reckon we’ll get a real diverse range of tools and ideas.

Also, I will be doing a running count of how many different screenshot tools people use. It’s ridiculous how many of them are out there!


I’m looking forward to Marie Drake’s talk. I’m interested to hear about the teams decision making approach in choosing which tool to implement.


This’ll be the first Test.bash(); I’ve attended so that’s one good reason I’m looking forward to it!

Yet mostly because testing tools are curious things that form such a huge part of our day-to-day life. And in doing so I’m always curious about:

  • What impact do tools have on us?
  • How do we interact with many tools and each other?

The cool thing about the schedule this year is “similar questions: different experiences”. And that diversity of experience is where the community can inspire each other and build connections.

Can’t wait!


Regarding the talk names, some feedback I hope will be useful; I think it really undersells the event.

I’ve shared it with a few people, and the initial reaction is much the same as mine “oh, it’s the same few talks on repeat”. When you drill down into the descriptions, it’s evident these talkers are bringing very different things to the table, but I wonder how many people have already lost interest before jumping in to that level of depth.

I could see the benefit of categorising them into groups that talk about similar themes, but giving each talk its own name would make it much clearer how varied the content is, and would make the day much more attractive, I think.


Tooling for Automation Testing, I’m looking forward the most to hearing those kind of talks.

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That was my reaction as well, and the agenda would be much easier to scan for topics of interest if the talks had more meaningful names - i.e. " Tooling for Automated Testing" vs something like “JMeter and friends in CI pipelines” for Mark Tomlinson’s presentation. (The behavior for expanding/collapsing that agenda, e.g. that you can only have a single node expanded and the expansion sometimes causing the content to scroll off the screen, doesn’t help.)

The emphasis on tooling is also a challenge for me. While I get being introduced to tools, I’ve always said the tools are secondary, and you should learn the underlying principles/technologies/etc. Especially at first pass, the repeated “Tooling for Automated Testing” sessions makes it look like it’s going to be vendor pitches for proprietary solutions, rather than some real world use cases of things that people have built, lessons learned, etc.

I get wanting to have a theme, but it feels like the shared/repeated topics are more akin to the tracks you’d see at multi-track conferences, so would work better as a tag than the title for each talk.