Call To Speak - Test.bash(); 2022: Closed on the 31st of August 2022

Deadline to submit: Wednesday, 31st of August 2022
Presentation date: Thursday, 20th of October 2022

We have recently changed the format of Test.bash(); and this year we’ll be focusing on tools under four sub-topics. As we still have a few gaps and sessions we need speakers for, we need your help!

What We’re Looking For

  1. Talk on Visual Automation
  2. Talk about API Automation
  3. Talk on Data Management
  4. Ask Me Anything: All Things Testing Tools — looking for a speaker with plenty of knowledge and experience with testing tools. Such as how to find and use new tools and how to understand and evaluate the value of a tool.
  5. Panel Discussion: Managing Your Testing Toolbox — looking for three speakers to take part in this panel. How to get tools signed off for your team? How to decide on the best tools for your company? When is it time to switch tools? (both for paid-for tools and open-source).

Offer Details and Payment


  • Up to 30-minutes on the Main Stage and the opportunity of a 20-minute session on a side stage to answer any questions
  • Talk will be pre-recorded and Q&A will be live
  • Abstract for the talk will need to be submitted by the 16th of September
  • Talk recording will need to be submitted by the 2nd of October
  • We’ll pay you £150

AMA Speaker

  • Up to 1 hour on the Main Stage
  • We’ll pay you £150.

Panel Discussion Speakers

  • Up to 1 hour on the Main Stage
  • Up to three speakers only
  • We’ll pay £100 per speaker.

How to Submit

Do you want to be part of the largest online tool-awareness conference of the year or know of someone who would be perfect for any of the above?

If so, please let us know by completing the form below, before the 31st of August 2022.


Challenges of visual testing and how to solve those.

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Hi @testrigor if you’re suggesting a talk theme or how you can help with the topic of Visual Testing, please complete the form at the bottom of this post. :wink: