Test.bash(); 2021 - What's Your Approach to Comparing Tools with Each Other? - Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Aparna Gopalakrishnan shared their thoughts around how they compare tools against one another.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions answered:

  1. Hi Aparna! How much were you able to find out about quality of support ahead of making a purchase? (Did you need to rely on reviews / comments by users?)
  2. If you could call out something you wanted in the tools that wasn’t there in any of them, what would it have been?

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. I need to prove that the solution is scalable in CI/CD before management will take it seriously. A lot of free trials don’t allow this. How to get around it?

Resources mentioned