Lesson 4 - Activity 1 - What can we learn about roles from job listings?

Time: 15 Minutes

Introduction: In this lesson, we briefly covered some of the common roles in software development teams looking at the common activities they carry out and their necessary skills. Now it’s your turn to dig into these roles a bit deeper and see what you can discover.

Purpose: Having an awareness of roles that exist in software development teams is necessary to help you understand how software is made and know who you need to speak to depending on a given situation. This activity is designed to help you understand these roles more deeply.


  1. Pick at least one of the roles covered in the lesson
  2. Search for related job listings around that role.
  3. Make notes about the activities and skills the role requires and compare those to what we covered in the lesson.
  4. Share your findings on this thread to help others learn more about these roles and compare your findings.