Lesson 5 - Activity 3 - Do you know about any misconceptions about testing

Time: 30 minutes to research and share

Within the software development industry, there are some who misunderstand what software testing is and its role in software development. As a tester, you may have to provide clarity and debunk those misconceptions to help teams get better value from testing.

We debunked some of the more common misconceptions in our lesson and we would like you to find other misconceptions of testing and think about ways you would counterargue them.

Learning about common misconceptions gives you a better appreciation of what testing is and isn’t. This knowledge will help you recognise when others hold these misconceptions and allow you to debunk them to potentially help improve testing practises and the value testing can provide.


  1. Find a software testing misconception. You could try:
  • Searching the Ministry of Testing site (we have some articles and videos that explore misconceptions of testing).
  • Searching The Club for old forum posts on the subject
  • Searching the web for blogs, articles and videos
  • Connecting with testers via The Club or Slack to ask them what misconceptions they have come across.
  1. Identify and develop counterarguments to the misconception so that you can debunk it when you need to.

  2. Add this information to your portfolio notes and share them on this thread to compare with others.

(If you can’t find any new misconceptions, feel free to pick one of the misconceptions we covered in the lesson and develop your own counterarguments)

Here is what I found:

Misconception: Everything has to be automated.

• Not everything is worth automating because not everything carries the same risk and cost.
• Automating does not necessarily mean adding value to the testing of a product.
• Large automation sets are very difficult to maintain.
• Deep analysis should be done to classify what needs to be automated and what not.