Live Blog: Update on All Things MoT – Richard Bradshaw

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and blog about this too for the practice. Let’s see what Richard has to say…

Richard is the BossBoss at MoT and he’s giving us an intro to Ministry of Testing. He’s talking about the logo and that at least two people here have Ministry of Testing tattoos.

First off, Richard is saying that Ministry of Testing isn’t an event. Testbash is the event, but there is a whole host of things online. MoT is continuous and a community. The team is growing, so Richard is going to introduce some people.

Oh wow, that’s too long a list for me to write down. I’d highly recommend checking out the staff. They’re doing awesome work.

Had to stop to laugh for a while because Richard made a plea that we also tell them if they like stuff they’ve done (instead of, for example, just pointing out typos). I can’t get over the irony that a tester just asked a room full of testers to stop only reporting bugs but also to give positive feedback.

Richard is encouraging people now to write articles, do courses (for actual real money people!), interact on the club and come to events. Testbash is now on all continents except Antarctica – and Richard is even working on that. As soon as he finds a tester there, it’ll happen!


Excellent summary! You can find the whole team at (Positive).

Meetups on every continent, not TestBash. (Bug :slight_smile:

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Irony aside I think that’s a very important point all of us should remember: Testers can and should provide all kinds of feedback - negative but also positive!

I try to make it a habit to start every feedback for a piece of software I’ve tested on a positive note before I bury the developer(s) under a pile of issues. It softens the blow and I don’t come across as the spoilsport that I am :slight_smile: