MidsTest 20th March - Mobbing (Not just for programming)

(Lee) #1

In a supreme act of arrogance, I shall be talking at MidsTest on 20th March In Solihull, UK, with the topic Mobbing (Not just for programming).

What the talk is about:
Mob Programming is a great way for teams to work together, share knowledge, upskill, and increase awareness of workload within the team. But the “Programming” part of the title can be off-putting to those who are not technically inclined or interested.

Lee will give an overview of what Mob Programming is, why he refers to it as Mobbing instead, and how he has helped different teams learn how to work as a mob on more than just programming. He will also cover the obstacles with getting a team and organisation to embrace this, and what can be done to mitigate this.

People start arriving and networking from 18:30, and the talk kicks off at 7, with further networking from 8.

Additionally, after the talk there is the opportunity for all attendees to take part in 99 Second Talks, where they can use the time to trial a presentation they plan to give, ask for help to the community, share something they are passionate about, virtually anything they can think of.
In January we had 1 speaker, in February we had 3, how many will March give us…?

The event is free, with food and drink kindly provided by our sponsors and venue.

Details available at https://www.meetup.com/Ministry-of-Testing-MidsTest/events/259334970/

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(Ady Stokes) #2

Sounds great Lee, will this be recorded or the slides available after? I want to know more I tell you!!! :smile:


(Lee) #3

It’s unlikely I’ll be able to record, but more than happy for my slides to be shared afterwards.

Glad you like the premise. I just need to write it and rehearse it…

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