MoT Bangalore hits 1000-member mark!

Moment of joy!

MoT Bangalore hits its 1000-member mark as of yesterday! And counting! Look forward for awesome Meetups this year and beyond!

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That sounds pretty awesome, especially if people can get together for meetups next year, it will be fabulous. We will be expecting to see more blogs and presentations as well.

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Indeed we would have great content and topics here at MoT, Bangalore, irrespective of whether we meet in person or not, because we use the crowdcast facility of MoT!

On January 22nd, we have @conorfi talking on Kanban and its positive effect on testing!

On February 12th, we have @gasparnagy talking on how to do BDD!

In March, we might have @danashby doing a talk on testing strategy!

Great lineup this year. I welcome everyone to participate and enrich the discussions!

Here is the link:

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