MoT Sfax Meetup #9: My journey Shifting My Testing Left

Hi All,

  • Do you want to move your testing left and start testing earlier in the development lifecycle ?

  • What about the rest of the team, how are they contributing to moving testing left?

  • What other tools are available to test a feature as early as possible?

In this talk Alistair Goodall will cover journey across three projects where he started testing as early as possible with the whole team and the different tools he used to enable shifting testing left.

Join us tonight Ministry of Testing Sfax at 8pm Tunis/UK time

Looking forward to it!


I have another evening session just before that so I might not make it, normally I should but you never know. Make sure to get a recording please! :slight_smile:

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Hey Kristof,

Thank you for your interest, sure you can find the meetup session via crowdcast, it will be available even few days after the meetup !


I invite you to checkout this racket talking about the meetup !
Alistair said: “A Question Is a TEST and a TEST is a Question” and he mentioned the importance of critical thinking in his journey :smiley: