Moving from Waterfall to Agile - What to Keep/Change/New

(Erling) #1

When moving your test organization from Waterfall to Agile you have change a lot.
But du you throw away everything? I don’t think so.

In lack of a better word, some “artefacts” you;

  • Throw away
  • Keep
  • Change
  • Embrace new

Put into these four categories. any thoughts regardning what “artefacts” goes where?
And why?

  • Erling Mossik

(Chris) #2

Archive everything. When you need it, pull it out. That’ll teach you what you can’t do without. The choice will be heavily contextual, so nobody could sensibly say what you definitely keep or dispose of.

(ernie) #3

@emossik Can you give some examples of what you consider to be “artefacts”?

I’d caution against trying to keep too much the same from your previous process. I’ve seen and heard of plenty of organizations that really struggle with the transition from waterfall to agile as they keep trying to maintain processes and things from waterfall. I’d argue if you’re really trying to do a paradigm shift from waterfall to agile, you need to jump in and not worry about maintaining backwards compatibility to your old processes . . .

(Mike) #4

Hey - we went through something very similar to this a few years ago. I did a talk a few years ago called “Deprogramming The Cargo Cult” (of Waterfall). I think you can find a video of it on YouTube.

But in a nutshell we did an analysis of everything we felt we got from our artifacts in waterfall, and said “how can we get this kind of assurity under agile?”. Because agile is so different, sometimes the same artifact just doesn’t deliver under agile vs waterfall.

Oooh - video here ,