Moving our craft forward one live video chat at a time

I left the virtual room relieved to have facilitated to the best of my abilities. Where did that hour go? It goes so quick and yet I feel great.

Tuesday Night Testing continues to put a smile on my face. It’s amazing how people are willing to take an hour out of their evening – to chat about testing with people they might not have met before.

Consistently the conversation is filled with shared experiences, tips and incredible learnings. This is why I love running it. Seven sessions so far and feedback suggests everyone takes something away. That’s a lovely feeling!

I believe you can have this feeling and I encourage you to run your own Tuesday Night Testing (TNT) event. It’s pretty straightforward even if you’ve never done this sort of thing before.

The rewards far outweigh the slight overhead of organising and moderate anxiety to facilitate.

To see other people run a TNT would blow my mind. I have an ambition to learn that multiple TNT’s are happening across the globe on the same day. That would be just incredibly cool – to see our craft move forward one live video chat at a time!


I really enjoyed joining tonight’s Tuesday Night Testing and cannot recommend it enough. Great job @simon_tomes , perhaps one day I will get some time to run one.