Need a mentor to do a walkthrough of testing a product

Please bear with me as I realize this may be an unconventional request.

I need someone who is well-versed in identity, trust, privacy and consent management solutions to do a walkthrough with me of one of our products and advise me on areas that need to be more thoroughly tested i.e areas with high-impact risk (what to test) and how to test them.

For the what-to-test part, I also want to learn what risks are typically associated with this domain.

For the how-to-test part, I’m more interested in the specific resources I need to learn to improve my testing but any additional info would be awesome.

I’m new to testing (been doing this for less than a year) - I feel like I have been doing mostly checking or verification of the work done by the devs, and I know I can definitely apply myself more to do some deeper testing of the product but I don’t know where to start.

I admit that there are resources at my disposal here but it’s A LOT! I also know I’ll eventually appreciate this when I get a deeper understanding of what testing entails but for now, it just feels like I’m going around in circles (can you tell I’m at my wit’s end?). It seems to me too that if I can focus on learning to deep test this one product, I will then be able to apply the learned skills to a wider array of products.

If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to proceed with this on your channel of choice - email, video call, IM etc (I’m easy lol). I also appreciate that your time is valuable, so if there’s anyway that I can help you in return, I’d love to hear it!

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