Nightmare UX (User Experience) Oracles

Check out this excellent discussion on terrible user experience. It includes many excellent examples of terrible UX. Thanks to the 9 Out of 10 Testers crew for running it. @simplysanne, @veerle, @sheymouse and @christovskia

(Note the video includes lots of swear words)

Some mentions:

  • Spotify’s keyword search results
  • Internal work tracking systems
  • Cancel actions translated from English
  • Chat bots unable to receive positive feedback
  • Credit Card company password reset
  • Dark modes
  • Non-pasteable password fields

What oracles/examples do you use when testing a product/service to check for a terrible user experience? Are there go-to guides/cheat sheets/sites that help you make decisions about user experience? Is the oracle a person in your team?

Share what you do to help you gauge the level of acceptable (good-enough) and excellent user experience.


Lovely conversation, many swears! XD
Nice David Bowie questions :smiley:

For the people that was to play a UI/UX games:

Userinyerface, is a fun competitive game that I use, sometimes to test/train junior testers.
It’s a website with 4 challenges (filling in forms) and it will be timed.

Try to fill it in as correct as possible.

:warning: Spoiler :warning: (ONLY READ AFTER DOING THE CHALLENGE): :warning:

I like to use it as a testing exercise for new people, to see how much they ‘assume’. A lot of people ‘know’ how to fill in a form but what if the applications, like this one, behaves differently…

it’s so much fun to see other people struggle on filling it in. If you sit down and read through everything correctly instead of focusing on intuition and things we are used to, you can fill in the 4 forms, within 5 minutes. (My first time was 4m 34sec)

I’ve seen people struggle over 20 minutes in this game.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and now you can tease someone else into playing it! :slight_smile:


Really fun. Thank you for sharing
This would be a good interview task

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I actually sometimes do use this for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can already picture it. Dear candidate in order to see if you are a good fit please solve this task. Keep in mind that this is the best work our developers have done in a long time so it will be a bit more difficult once you start, but do not worry, just have fun. You can scream when you are done :smiley:


Apparently I am not human :person_shrugging:

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Spoiler for the 4th page:

The scrollbar is default at the bottom, scrolling will reveal that the checkboxes are above the images XD

I test an application that is only used by employees, so I consider an important thing for UX to be self-consistency. It matters less if the position/colour of our new exit button is inconsistent with the world in general, as long as it is the same as every other exit button within the application, so people ‘in the zone’ don’t have to second guess themselves.
It might be better to change everything to more closely follow external standards, but for now at least that isn’t a priority.

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