Not All Who Wander Are Lost: A Career Experience Report Masterclass

Tonight, we had the wonderful @g33klady for our second Dojo masterclass of 2018.

Hilary was speaking about a topic very close to my own experiences. I wandered along many different paths until I found the one I’m on now.

A recording of the masterclass will be available to Pro Dojo members in the masterclass section.

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight or you’d like to continue the conversation, why not ask them here?


You talk about personal development of testing, any recommendations on places that helped you further your testing knowledge?

I’m currently a manual software tester in a company with a degree in computing science. Unsure of good resources to use to help my every day testing.


That was just super awesome. Hillary was very open and personal.


Sophie there are so many…

Starts right here chat to testers and glean their knowledge

Courses … here /Udemy/Linda

Books & Blogs…

I spend literally a minimum of 25 hours plus per week learning on line plus working full time. It’s a passion I guess.


I used Software Testing Club (now The Club here :D), went to meetup groups, and googled a lot. I subscribed to newsletters and things, too, as well as blog rolls. All pretty much handled with things like the MoT and Testers slack channels, honestly, and The Club.
Hope that helps!


Thanks Hilary! Also, great talk! Good hearing your story and has made me start thinking of mine!
I’m attending the MoT clinics that are here and are so good!
Thanks for this, just gotta become a sponge! :slight_smile:


Thanks Kim! I’ll take a look there! :slight_smile:

glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it :smiley:


it was a great webinar thank you!

my question was how did you know you had a story to share? i.e. How did you know that people wouldn’t already know what you knew and they’d benefit from knowing it.

Great question! I had seen a lot of conversation in the testers and MoT slacks asking people about “ideal” career progression, and people’s experiences in their roles.
I talked to the MoT folks about a few different ideas I had for a talk, including this one, and they helped me to realize it would be a good topic! They’re pretty good at spotting great topics :wink:

The video is live and available to Pro Dojo subscribers :slight_smile: