Operations - Featured TestSphere Card

(Beren) #1

One hundred cards. One hundred Test-related concepts.
Here on the club, we’ll feature a card from the TestSphere deck for people to write their stories about every month.

I challenge you:
Take a few minutes to think about your experiences with the featured card.

What bugs have you found that are related? Which ones have you missed?
How have you tackled testing for this concept?
What made it difficult or more easy?
What have you learned? What can others learn from your experience?

Take one of those experiences and put it to prose.
Telling your stories is as valuable to yourself as it is to others.

A couple of projects ago, I was working on a solution that was very data heavy. Most of our testing involved looking at long strings of DNA strands of combinations of A, C, T and G. It’s not very human readable.
What helped us immensely was being able to build, deploy, reset and query ourselves. I was introduced to quite a few interesting tools in the Java stack such as Bitbucket, Bamboo and Kibana.
Tools that make it relatively easy to manage your environments, update them or whip up a new one.

The tools themselves aren’t very complex, but the surrounding communication with the team is!
Good agreements and understanding of each others work is much more important than working out which buttons to push.
Looking back at this now, I realise that in this project I learned that devops is a mindset, not a role or a job. That it starts and ends with people and the interactions between them. Tools are incredibly powerful and can help force those interactions and communication to the surface. But they are a means to an end and should always stay that way.

What’s your story?