Power Automate... are you using it?

Hi Everyone

I have been on the hunt for a tool to automate our desktop app and haven’t had much luck. I have been hearing more and more about Microsoft Power Automate and I’m just wondering if anyone is using it for test automation.

Your insights would be useful.

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Another team in my company has used it - as they were developing an app in the Power App ecosystem. It seems a good fit in that context and integrates well with MS Azure DevOps.

There is a range of other (enterprise) automation tools that can test desktop apps. Do you have interaction with the dev team, access to the code repro etc? Then perhaps build something based on the WinAppDriver GitHub - microsoft/WinAppDriver: Windows Application Driver or via Appium framework Windows - Appium

hope this helps you along :slight_smile: /Jesper

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we also been using Winappdriver along with SikuliX and so far its working for us

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Yes I have tried all the tools I can find, including WinAppDriver and have been unsuccessful with all but one. Unfortunately I one tool I have found our Company has been reluctant to purchase. I have found PowerAutomate is working so far, but I need to trial the tests where other tools have failed to be sure. I am currently trying to work out the licensing structure and if we need to pay more with our currently office 365 license.