Power Hour - Personas

On the 24thth of July, Cassandra H. Leung will spend an hour on The Club tapping away answering any of your awesome questions related to Personas. Ask your question to get it answered.

Hi, I’m Cassandra - tester and UX enthusiast, amongst other things. When I’m not testing at work, I’m likely testing outside of work or trying to catch up on some much needed sleep!

On Wednesday 24th July at 7pm, I’ll be here answering questions about personas during my power hour. Be sure to get your questions in before then, and ask me about:

  • What personas can help with
  • Creating personas
  • Throwing out the rule books and “misusing” personas

Post your questions here by 24th July before 7pm GMT and I’ll do our best to answer them during our Power Hour!


Hi Cassandra, I’ve seen lots of recommended personas with varying lengths of details. Some very complicated (pages long) and others really simple like a single line. Are there any templates etc. you use that you could share?

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How do you feel about personas for people who will ‘misuse’ the product/attack the product?

When I joined my current team, the personas on the wall were all dudes. I pointed this out, there was talk of doing new ones, but “no time for that”. They stopped using those personas, at least.

Do you have any suggestions for how a team can overcome its unconscious biases to create personas that might reflect real people who use (or might use) our product?

And is it worse to not use personas at all, or use biased ones? :grin:

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Oh other questions!

  • When do you create personas (at the inception/planning stage? Can you make them at any point in the process?)
  • Is it a once and done activity or should you review and update them regularly? Does it depend on how much the product/project changes?

I read about someone advocating for leaving gender, race, and age out of personas entirely because it opens the door to implicit bias. On the other hand, it might be valuable to specifically call out underrepresented groups. What are your thoughts on this?

How do you go about validating your personas, so that you know they represent your actual users and not just your assumptions about your users?

  1. Should the testing personas be different to product personas? What do you think should be included in the testing persona?
  2. How would you use the testing personas in testing?

Thank you