QA building great automation functionalities but I think the focus should be different

Hi all,

It’s me again! So I recently joined a bank where they want me to transform the ways we do things with Quality / Testing. I am a very emphatic leader and trying to build a good rapport with existing QA people.
There is this one QA who build a really cool stuff that verifies the UI results for different graphs. I thought it was cool and he must have spent a fair amount of time building that.
However, in my experience, that kind of verification can be done on a unit / component / integration level and basically what he’s doing is he’s replicating the code functionality which is a typical problem with building test automation frameworks.
How do I tell him that we should be spending time doing more test analysis at the start of building those features and help developers understand the type of tests required?


You could talk to your team about the testing pyramid and give examples of tests that you currently do on the UI which could be done on a unit or API level. Also show them the time it takes to run them.

The best option would be to prep a demo of the same test on UI, API & Unit level and show them how fast it runs on all levels.

This way you can tell them to do more test analysis at the start of the feature and note down which tests are going to be on what level.