Reading or books about mentoring / coaching?

Hey all!

I’m wondering if anyone with experience of mentoring / coaching has any tips on where to learn more about the topic?

Any good websites?
Any good books to read?

I’d love to learn more myself, and I guess others may be interested too!


Hey Rosie,

One of the best books on coaching is “Coaching for Performance” I have read and used the methods outlined in here and although it can be quite tricky when starting out, it definitely bears fruits!


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I would recommend the books below. I’ve read them a couple of times already and I really like them. If you’re going to coach people and want to succeed in that, definitely recommend:


A great book about getting value from your private 1-on-1s is J Rothman and E Derbys book Behind Closed Doors

A piece I wrote of my big take home after a two day mentoring workshop …


coaching agile teams

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Some books mentioned in the AMA tonight with Toby Sinclair: