Replacement for Selenium IDE?

I’m looking for a quick and dirty record/replay tool for my team to utilize when sprinting, given that Selenium IDE is largely redundant now. Any ideas?

I realize that record and playback is not a scaleable approach for automation, which is why we migrate relevant sprint-level tests to a larger VS-based test framework at the end of sprints for broader regression and CI, but this is too costly and lacks testing value to create this in-sprint. Plus not all testers have the expertise.

So anything quick, dirty, throw-away, (and potentially with scripts that are exportable in C#) would be ideal!

Thanks in advance.

Hey Graham,

I can’t say I have used this myself but have heard good things about it


Thanks Viv. That looks like its worth a look.


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Blazemeter might be able to help you out, in chrome:

I know it says load testing and other related there, but you could actually generate a functional workflow with it.
Or you could use jmeter as a proxy and record the browser usage with it.

Well. That looks nice. They even have a soap support in it. Hopefully it’s as usable as it looks…

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