Revisited: The Tester’s Survival Guide to Joining a Continuous Delivery Project

Our 7th talk for TestBash Home is among our most popular TestBash talks of all time! We are joined by the wonderful @testingthemind to revisit “The Tester’s Survival Guide to Joining a Continuous Delivery Project”.

Based on what I’ve read so far, and my own experience in a CD environment, I’m really looking forward to hearing what’s changed and what has stayed the same since Amy gave this talk.

We’ll be adding all unanswered questions from the talk here so if we didn’t get to your question, don’t worry, we will find you an answer :wink:

References from the chat

Unanswered Questions

shabbir @ CDL At the start of the talk, you mentioned ‘some of things have changed’. Please can you tell us those changes? The whole talk looks very new to me :smiley:

  • Akshay: Can bugs be raised while iterative development is still in progress or can the bugs be raised only after product is released i.e. development is completed?
  • Phil Urmson: Many agile teams approach a product view over a project view, do the same principles apply? What is your view of the product vs project approaches?
  • Santiago: Fast paced development… Continuous {All things}… as a new tester with no to minimal domain knowledge… how do you tackle the challenges of adding value?
  • Anita: Do only automation tester fit in continuous delivery?
  • Christer Nilsson Ribbing: How should a tester behave when there is no backup and understanding from leaders?
  • Ambreen: what are your thoughts on introducing Pre-Production environments between Testing Env. and Production Env.? this could avoid an embarrassment where twitter integration didn’t work in production(your example), right?
  • Koen Tibben: Anything you recommend when working with a microservices architecture?
  • João Proença: Since you delivered this talk, do you believe “trunk based development” has become even more important in this DevOps age?
  • Gregor Gilchrist: How do you approach testing at the planning stage of a feature/project?
  • Emily Driscoll: When you’re in an organisation where a test environment is being shared across a whole department - how do you detangle whats relevant from what isn’t…? i.e. which stubbed services are ok to be stubbed for your product
  • Darren Keig: My role is transitioning from lone tester to test coach. Are there any courses or resources that you recommend to help ease this transition and help me to understand and grow into my new role?
  • Marissa: Please can you share the other questions on your list of questions you don’t necessarily need to understand?
  • Priyanka Aggarwal: Do you think it is helpful if you are jack of all but master of none or should we try to be an expert of atleast one area?
  • Chitra: Can you elaborate about ’ Dark launching’ ? Can you share and books / blogs to read on the same
  • Anusha: Can you please suggest good books on standard Observability practices applicable in DevOps
  • jason lee: What is your advice if QA and DEV have two different test frameworks running on CI/CD ? E.g QA has their own framework which is easier to write (BDD style) while DEV has a separate framework. Is this the recipe for disaster or is common challenges in the industry? How do we resolve or at least bridge this gap for effective CI/CD quality best practices.
  • Alexandra H: What advice would you have for a team where you have devs that want the TDD/ CI development approach and developers that think unit testing is useless and testing is not developer’s work?
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I missed this talk, where was it presented before? Does someone has a link? Thank you :slight_smile:

Jason Lee - I’ve had a similar situation in the past whereby i’ve been looking at automation (cypress) but dev’s already had things in place (nightwatch/selenium). The easiest way that we overcame this was to basically do a spike against both tools, show what the pros/cons are for each tool and let the team try and agree based on what would benefit them the most. It’s worth thinking about what the system is built in tech wise and look at tools that lend themselves well to that architecture, it’s beneficial in the long run in my mind.

@elena_ivan_28 it’s on the Ministry of Testing website from TestBash Brighton