Collective Links to threads for the questions and chats of the talks (UK Time sorting)

08:35 PM Should we just … Delete it? --By Joao Proenca

10:10 PM Revisited: How to get Automation included in your Definition of Done —By Angie Jones

11:15 PM Bug hunt

01:00 AM Quality without QA —By Alan Page

02:30 AM. Panel: Coaching and Management —With Pradeep Soundararajan, Anne-Marie Chartert and Aaron Holder

05:00 AM. Reverse-Engineer your way to adopting a risk-based testing approach —By Nishi Grover Gargantuas

06:30 AM. Hurdles of Testing Large-Scale software systems —By Michaela Greiner

07:20 AM. 99-Second Talks

09:10 AM. Evil User Stories - Improve your application security —By Anne Oikarinen

10:40 AM. Revisited: The tester’s survival guide to joining a continuous delivery project —By Amy Phillips

11:45 AM. Live Coaching - Exploring the black box puzzles —By James Lyndsey

01:30 PM. Inspiration …and burnout --By Maryam Umar

03:00 PM. Panel: Leadershop —With Shey Crompton, Nicola Sedgwick and Alessandra Moreira

05:30 PM. The only good quality metric is morale —By Jenny Bramble

07:00 PM. Revisited: What’s in a name? Experimenting with testing job titles —By Martin Hynie

08:05 PM. 99-Second Talks (II)


Thank you @maiknog, this it exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: