Scrum vs Kanban - Which one takes care of your well-being?

WIP limits are hugely important to me. If they are in place, and even talked about, but then ignored or not even honoured, I have anxiety about having to do more work than in my WIP limit, and struggle with how much I can manage.

The JFDI attitude in some teams creates difficulty for me, as I like to sustain a practical work/life balance these days.


Companies forget that people are the foundation on which products/services are built. If the foundation is not sound and well-maintained, how can we expect awesome Quality? Just running the metrics chart in the weekly meetings is going to help?

Adhering to WIP is essential.

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Kanban is fluid and pulled from the lower stream. Scrum has fixed scope. Here is a blog from Dr. Sante Vergini on the comparison of the two. [Scrum vs Kanban - - ZenTao](https://Scrum vs Kanban)

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Thanks for the link.