Setting up A "how do we test this thing" with the Business Reps

OK, sooooooooooo
Purchasing a COTS Insurance system which none of the Business are familiar with. Am getting them all together for a workshop, with the question being the title of the topic.

Any thoughts
horror stories

very welcome

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Hi @jfs17uk,

Are you familiar with The Nightmare Headline Game? Perhaps this would spark an excellent collaborative conversation.

I hope your workshop is a success!


Tell them testing tools on a need to know basis, as not to dazzle them with buzzwords and tools. Respect that their business knowledge is the most important input.

On a current project business staff needs to know:

  • find relevant test cases*
  • mark test cases passed
  • submit bugs
  • record testing notes

This could be on a whiteboard, or VSTS or what ever tool you prefer.
*: Test cases, charters, headlines, questions…

Great read - thanks for this

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