Sign in pages bug?

Environment: I have 2 accounts. I have 2 computers, always use Chrome. I mostly run Windows 11.
So today I got a second computer, I’m setting it up and log into my old MOT account. since I don’t want to stay logged in but swap account later on.

  1. I type in my username and password but don’t tap the ‘remember me’ because I want to swap accounts later anyway.
  2. I then get a bit lost and tap the forums button and it asks me to login again? Whaaa??? I never even left the site yet.
  3. I login and it’s all fine, so I log out after a bit of forum reading
  4. I logout and login this time with my new MOT account. This time I turn on ‘remember me’
  5. I get to this landing page, which once again is a bit unfamiliar, and tap the ‘forums’ button and
  6. I get asked to login again.???
    I get the impression there are 2 login forms or 2 login flows, one of them did not play ball. This is on a brand new computer which got provisioned yesterday.

TL;DR Wrong URL used in the link, which has been changed

We had this issue before and the fix is to use the login url for the club for users that are logged in. The reason for it is because the club is not actually the same site as the MoT platform, it is a hosted Discourse instance that uses Single Sign On from your MoT account. However, when you login from the MoT platform, it can’t automatically tell the club you’ve logged in, so instead we have to make sure the club login runs when you go there from our pages.


Thanks Andrew , just looked a bit glitched , but makes sense. Keep those good things rolling :slight_smile:

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