Software testing and bug stories in the news

A security software bug that leads to free laundry :basket:

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I really like this one as a discussion point, but in reality how many million laundry machines does the company have? Discovery of a bug, must mean that someone has paid a fair few times before finding the exploit, and things are probably subsidised anyway, so no big dent. Given that these are students, anyone working with students has got to expect hacking to happen, but failing to prevent hacking in any business leaves money on the table.

“Walmart suffered a technical glitch on March 19 that kept price data from accurately being received by self-checkout kiosks at 1,600 stores”

Since the pandemic, Walmart has invested billions of dollars in upgrading its stores and underlying tech.
In October 2023, the company said it would invest $9 billion in U.S. stores, including adding more self-checkout options. But since then, the retailer has [reversed course].
Earlier this year, Dollar General said it was removing self-checkout from 300 stores and scaling it back at other locations, due in part to high levels of theft.

In US, transferring student loans from one creditor to another was supposed to be done in a month or so instead…roughly 1.4 million duplicate student loan records appeared on people’s credit reports.

Don’t ignore the third party apps integrated in your application, it can cause a big mess:

Thousands of public sector retirees woke up Thursday to find two pension checks had been deposited in their bank accounts,…
… the duplicate payments were due to an error that occurred while testing the state retirement system’s “disaster recovery” procedures with its vendor bank that distributes direct deposits. That system is set up to ensure that retirees will receive checks during a major emergency.

This puts “bank error in your favour” into a whole new category that the monopoly game (you remember that card coming up sometimes in the chance pack?) even modelled. The law on this has changed lately in favour of the bank in a strange twist of circumstance somehow.

A disaster was avoided by the pilot of the flight.
Auto-takeoff system was allowing the plane to take off with too little speed.
And again it’s about the new Boeing:

Too much software in the cars or too quick to release the cars with the new software? or it’s just an increase in complexity that results in not being able to test more?
‘The issues come after the company last year delayed the launch of its EX90 flagship sports utility electric vehicle, the EX90, to mid-2024, due to software bugs as the company implements new and increasingly advanced technology into its cars.’

‘a test screen being displayed on the center display screen instead of the intended driver information and infotainment’

I found this conclusion funny:
’ But next time you are bashing the company software, look in the mirror, folks. Like many of our so-called problems, it’s not the software. It’s us.’