SOS. As a functional tester, what should I test in the back end of an e-commerce website?

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I am new in testing the field and i need some help.
As a functional tester, what I should test in the back end of an e-commerce website.
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Nothing different than what you already do for system testing with a human-user interface.

Testing is the performance of exploratory learning through experimentation, with the intent of providing information to people that matters.

So basically you have to find out who matters and what kind of information they are looking for / they need, then build experiments to unfold such information.

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Thanks for your reply, I appricate that.
Should I test the database, servers and if they are using such CMS: drupal, wordpress…should I test the acces to those things, configration, website administration…!

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If people care about some aspects of these elements, you may want to investigate this. If the performance of testing itself will be done by you specifically, it barely matters - you should understand your context and coordinate the investigation effort with people.

The main point is: You shouldn’t go testing or not testing any aspect for the sake of testing itself, but the testing should be aimed at providing information that people care about (naturally in the less costly / faster way possible).

Note: “People care” and “way possible” means contextual analysis - a meta idea is that your testing should fit your reality, rather than other realities or generic guidelines.

You may also want to look at the Heuristic Testing Strategy Model to exercise possible aspects you may want to test.

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Got it, Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: