Sprint 6 What‘s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?

(Dominic) #1

Starting 2018-07-17, ending 2018-07-31

(Lee) #2

Need to get thinking, beyond do the public know we even exist…?

(Peet) #3

That I’m most likely not able to fix your computer (or printer, or internet, etc…) :rage:

(Kate) #4

And I’m really not going to be able to fix it over the phone, particularly if you don’t have any idea what an “address bar” is.

Just venting…

(Marcin Pieprzowski) #5

“Such an obvious bug where was QA team?!” - Bugs are sometimes deliberately left by the dev team (just didnt want to fix it for whatever reason) even tho QA reported them ; P

(Heather) #6

Looking forward to reading the blogs that folks put forward for this :slight_smile: hoping to make a start myself tomorrow

(Jason) #7

That testing is not QA and QA is not testing* is not obvious to my management. If that is such a profoundly complex idea to grasp, I fear the general public have no chance:-/.

  • I think we lost that fight the day the department found itself renamed after a mood altering narcotic popular in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

(Robert) #8

Oh yes, Jason. In my time, I too have worked in a Quality Assurance Team… :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ben) #9

Similar to games testing, in that they both are thought of as mindlessly and aimlessly playing around with the software and just report any bugs we stumble across.

Agree with that bugs are always a tester’s fault because we’re the impossibly large safety net that has infinitely fine weave that should catch everything without even having to try.

Also agree that we’re QA (that we’re there to check up on the quality of developer’s work) or that we’re QC (like we’re one of those people with a clipboard and checklist who works on a production line)

(Heather) #10

I blogged at last!

(Lee) #11

Got something written up as well :slight_smile:

(Joop) #12

Recently I tried to explain to my sister and brother in law, what my job is. Then I found out that almost everything in my job which is obvious to me, is misunderstood…

(Geert) #13

I’ve written about this last year.
it’s a bit broader then just misconceptions but it’s included in the article!