Squad Team Charters - Anyone had any experience using these?

In my current company we have been split into squads which are aligned to our business units. The scrum master has decided that we should be creating squad team charters which would include development standards as well as testing standards. These would in release approaches, defect management, tools etc. This appears to replace the Test Approach/Strategy and potentially some of the test plan. We currently create test approaches for large scale projects and 1 page test plans for small projects and 1 page exit reports. I’m all for creating new documentation but I’ve not worked in this way before. Has any one else? If so what documentation did you remove and what sections did you put into it?


I generally prefer the team level approach but in small teams it often makes sense to keep it fairly simple.

Complex things I have moved to a team level Quality Management Plan, its mostly overkill and perhaps a tester is not best placed to take lead on it but it can be a good overall view on how the team will take care of quality and at the same time perhaps reduce content on test documents.

If you just focus on the testing then you are likely switch to more of a holistic view of testing that will for example also include the unit testing strategy. This is a good thing, a simple view that can be useful for discussion is a basic 4 quadrants testing diagram and then just fill in the boxes as a team.

Who were the stakeholders for your test approach/strategy/plan?

If it turned out that the squad itself contains all the previous stakeholders you may not need a lot of the documentation at all as you can just discuss it with them perhaps just around the 4 quadrants diagram.

FYI I am mostly solo tester as part of teams on small to medium web/mobile apps, a lot of the documentation became redundant through talking daily with the team on what’s going on on the testing front.